We got Married!

Eh, okay so I haven't blogged here since we got engaged. Oops? To be honest, I feel a little done with blogging. I might dip my toe in in 2017 and see how it feels but for now I need to think on it a bit. Do I want to keep this little corner of the internet or let it go? Anyway, we got married and it was wonderful. I might post about it, if anyone would be interested on reading my take on wedding planning? It seems a bit sad to visit here and just see a post from ages ago about planning, so at least there is one of my favourite photos here now!


  1. Congratulations, you both look so happy and your dress is beautiful! Please do post some more about it x

  2. Just discovered your blog. It is very lovely! I love the design and the name. Congratulations on your marriage!

  3. congratulations! you look beautiful and you both look very happy! hope to see you return to blogging:-) xx


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