18 Truths Of Having Blue Hair

Turquoise Hair

1. People will touch your hair often and without asking first. As if your hair will feel magically different to all other hair.

2. Lots of people will ask you if you are wearing a wig.

3. If you're out of teenage years people will assume you are getting your youth out of your system before turning 30. I can't tell you how many people ask me if I dyed my hair blue now because I turn 30 soon (apparently soon means three years). Why can't you have brightly coloured hair past the age of 30?

4. People will ask you if you're tired of spending an absolute fortune maintaining your hair (I'm not).

5. It will be assumed that you have no professional career goals.

6. Children will stare at you, and it'll be quite sweet.

7. Adults will stare at you and it will be really annoying.

8. Lots of adults will tell you how much they preferred your hair when it was "your natural colour" FYI my hair has not been it's natural colour since 2002.

9. Everything in your home/most of your neck and back and ears will be the same colour as your hair dye and after a short while you won't really care that much.

10. But if you do care, baby wipes will be your best friend.

11. Dark towels will be your second best friend.

12. You'll have to wash your hair with gloves on if you don't want bright blue hands/nails.

13. Wave goodbye to nice shampoos. You're using baby shampoo and you're gonna like it.

14. £1 tubs of argan oil deep conditioning masks from Home Bargains are like sweet angel kisses to your hair and you will be forever grateful.

15. Your hair will look a totally different colour in different light. Everyone you know will ask if you have changed the colour every time you see them or post a photo of your hair. It keeps things interesting.

16. You'll get really excited to wear colours that perfectly compliment your hair colour and get ready to trash anything that makes you look like a christmas tree/union jack/smurf (red is truly the devil).

17. You absolutely won't ever be able to avoid that person you can't be bothered to make conversation with because they've already spotted your hair radiating obscene levels of brightness from a mile away. Suck it up. Time for a lot of stop'n'chats.

18. It's all good because you wake up every day and immediately love looking in the mirror because you feel like a genuine mermaid and that's worth every pillowcase you own being blue.

Turquoise Hair

Honestly having bright hair is a blast, I've loved every minute of it and if you are wanting to and are able to do it I totally recommend it. I'm really lucky in that I am self employed and I work in a creative business so my hair colour isn't an issue. For anyone wanting to know more details about my transition to blue hair and my routine:

  • My hair has been dyed a lot of colours since I was around 14 but the colour I have used most often and for the last 5 years or so was black. Black dye, repeatedly. I hadn't even just been doing my roots, I'd just been bunging on a whole box of dye on all of my hair. This meant my hair had a huge build up of black and I'd never really thought my dream of having bright hair was possible. I decided to go lighter around March last year and it's been a really slow process but I am very grateful because it meant my hair is still in a good condition. It was bleached in highlights over around 11 months. 
  • I use La Riche Directions dye in Turquoise. I can't explain why but nearly every time I dye it it comes out a slightly different colour. The first dye done by my hairdresser came out a really sea green colour, and when I topped it up a week later it came out more of a bright blue. I just roll with it, it's generally in the greeny blue realm and I'm happy with that. Because my hair was lightened slowly in highlights I have a lot of different tones which makes it seem more natural...as stupid as that sounds. It's not all one flat colour.
  • I wash my hair around every 4-5 days and I top up the colour around every third wash. I mix 50/50 dye and conditioner. The roots of my hair fade a lot quicker than the rest and it's a pain. The length really doesn't seem to fade for me at all. The dye is £2.95 a tub on ebay so it's not expensive to top up and I just need to lighten my roots every once in a while at the salon the same as I have been doing for the last while with blonde hair anyway. The dye I use is really not damaging to my hair so I'm not worried about using it often like I would do with an ammonia dye. 
  • The products I recommend are Johnson Baby Shampoo and as above, the £1 tubs of deep conditioning mask from Home Bargains and Poundland. I use the ones in the brown and green tubs but they all seem to do the same trick. I also bought a massive bottle of Orofluido oil from amazon for around £10 and I use that after each wash. 
  • I really do use gloves in the shower because run off is pretty intense with these dyes and I don't want blue hands. I also bought around 1000 shower caps from ebay for £2 to keep me from getting dye everywhere when I am topping up. If I do get dye on my skin it comes off pretty easily with baby wipes and my Garnier Micellar water. 
I'll include some photos below, note that every photo in this blog post is unedited and using the same exact dye each time, luckily I love the colours but you can see a real difference in shade so be prepared for that. Happy dyeing! 

Turquoise Hair Turquoise Hair

Turquoise Hair Turquoise Hair

Turquoise Hair Turquoise Hair