Keeping cosy this winter!

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to buying homeware. The less useful and more pretty the better. I have little interest in things we actually need, but show me a string of birdcage fairy lights or another animal themed lamp and I am all over it. My pal Dawn recently showed me the Asda homeware catalogue and within a day I had already placed an order. It's somewhere I would never have thought of for homeware (there's not a store too close to me so it's off my radar usually). I shared the photo below of my goodies on Instagram and everyone was so impressed with the selection.

My own purchases: Rabbit Lamp //Pink Cushion // Mint Cushion // Birdcage lights // Items not linked are no longer available. 

You can imagine how excited I was to get an offer from Asda to try out some more of their home goods. Now, I had to try really hard not to buy another lamp and to be at least a little bit practical! Before we bought our home we lived in property owned by family, and everything in it was theirs. So when we moved, we had quite a lot of quick shopping to do. Ikea was our savior, and while our ikea items have held up well I have wanted to invest in some long lasting, quality items. A good down duvet like I used to have at my parent's house was high on the list.

So with that in mind, I chose a Fogarty feather and down duvet to try and let the impulsive side of me run riot with throw cushions that we really did not need but had to have, and some candles because for some reason when I became a homeowner I also became a compulsive candle buyer. Asda stock a great Yankee candle range at a really good price, and the Yankee Simply Home range seem to be the same thing as the normal range only cheaper. Win win.

I originally wanted the cushions in our initials but they were sold out, so I went for XO which I now think I prefer!

Do I like my new duvet? I love it. It is my new favourite thing and I tried deep fried cheese for the first time this week. So yes, I think it's fair to say I love it. It creates a warm, airy pocket of comfort over me and I am finding it nearly impossible to part with it in the morning. I would recommend it as a great investment for anyone who loves sleeping as much as I do, I also chose some gorgeous geometrical bedding from Asda in grey and yellow. This is a colour combination I clearly have a thing for as it's the same colour as our feature wall in the living room.

Although I was lucky enough to select these items for free, I woudn't recommend anything unless I really liked it. Do check out Asda homeware for some really unique pieces that won't break the bank, They also offer a free Click and Collect service in stores. Thanks Asda!


  1. these are all so cute:-) i love the birdcage lights! xx

  2. That duvet looks so cosy! I used to work at ASDA and have loads of homeware things from them, their duvet covers are lovely!

    Maria xxx

  3. I absolutely adore everything in this! Your room is so gorgeous! And ASDA as well, it's amazing!! Thanks so much for posting these awesome bits, might see if they still have some of them! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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