Belfast Stands for Defiance

I'll never forget my first pair of Dr Martens shoes. They were my chosen school shoes when I was 16, a new friend had them and she was really cool so I had to have them too. They reminded me of the cute dolly shoes I would see in my Fruits fashion book and they had to be mine. Totally against uniform regulation, in my teenage eyes there was nothing cooler. I'm almost certain that I still have them somewhere. I tried to find a photo and ended up spending 3 hours looking at old photos - oops. Of course the photo I want is nowhere to be found. I've had several pairs of Dr Martens since my old school shoes and each pair is still going strong.

Last week was the official launch of the new Belfast Dr Martens store in Corn Market. The new store has 2 floors of amazing boots and in true Dr Martens style, plenty of tartan clothing! I loved it all. What I love about this brand is you know you are buying something that will last for decades and only get better with age.

Dr Martens kindly let me pick a pair of boots to wear to the party. I went down the more practical route, not so much party wear but I wanted something I could get a lot of use out and these gorgeous Serena boots will be perfect for cold Sunday mornings at my market stall. They're fur lined too, they're like wearing bouncy slippers all day!

The launch night was a really wonderful event. I went along with my little sister and Dawn from Inanity and the Girl. There were beers from Farmageddon, amazing food from Love and Death Inc (I was expecting tiny canapes but no! Cups of fish and chips, racks of ribs! More of this please!) a set from The Groundlings and my favourite part, a DJ set from local legend Terri Hooley. We were also  treated to a 50% discount on anything in store.

I think most people in Belfast will know who Terri Hooley is, but if the name sounds familiar and you aren't from here you may recognise him from the film Good Vibrations. He discovered the Undertones and has spent his life supplying Belfast with some kickass records. I had a bit of a moment when he played Teenage Kicks and he was a total gentleman. So glad I got to meet him!

These are the killer boots I picked up for a mere £65 instead of the RRP of £130. I really can't wait to break them in and style them for Autumn and winter. Thank you so much Dr Martens for inviting me along!