A Vegas Wedding

I wondered if too much time had passed to share these photos, since they were taken in April. Then I thought why the heck not? I also have a bunch of proper camera photos to edit now I have a new computer but for the mean time Instagram shows a pretty good representation of one of the best holidays of my life.

Our good friends Dawn and Dave got engaged two years ago and I was so excited and honoured when Dawn asked me to be her bridesmaid. It got even more exciting when Dave asked Ali to be his best man. 

Finally the time arrived to fly to Vegas to watch one of the most wonderful couples around get hitched. We stayed at New York New York which was just wonderful, and huge! Honestly Vegas was just like another world, you just have to see it to experience it. After a day there nothing will shock you any more! We spent the days leading up to the wedding relaxing, eating, some drinking, shopping and a touch of gambling. I am not good at gambling. It was so refreshing to get to spend so much time with our friends, and to see the city through their eyes as they had told us so much about their previous trip there.

The wedding was held at the Venus Gardens in Cesar's Palace, with the reception in The Venetian and an after party in Nine Fine Irishmen, NYNY, The whole day was just a magical whirlwind - I can't imagine what it felt like for Dawn. From the relaxing morning getting our make up done by the amazing girls at Amelia C, to seeing Dawn in her dress for the first time, post wedding selfies and dancing to trad irish music - every moment was just perfect. This trip is full of treasured memories for me. Thank you Dawn and Dave for asking us to be a part of such a special and important day, we loved every minute! When are we going back?

1. Our Hotel 2. The view from our room 3. Sunny Vegas outfit 4. I got drunk in the afternoon and lost some money and then bought donuts 

1. Another outfit snap 2. Ali and I outside the Chandelier bar in Aria 3. Blow Pop Popping Candy cocktail at Sugar Factory 4. The Bellagio

1. Covering up with a Kimono as I may have got slightly sunburnt! 2. Rainbow Rolls 3. The best dressing gown ever 4. The morning of the big day!

1. Grown up pyjama choices 2. Cinnabon breakfast since I got carried away and bought fifteen rolls instead of one roll 3. Dawniepants and I 4. Wedding hair! 

1. & 2. Ali and I just a few minutes after the ceremony 3. Wedding flowers and my favouite Amaretto Sours 4. The view from the wedding dinner.

1. CAAAAAKE 2. Newly married Dawn! 3. My beautiful bridesmaid shoes 4. The buzzing Vegas strip.

Although they aren't instagram photos I couldn't end this post without a few snaps of the newlyweds!