I'm Back!

Hello! It's definitely been a while. As I explained in my previous post, my computer broke a few months ago leaving me totally in the lurch. Well the good news is that Amazon decided to refund me and I have a brand new sparkly laptop. The bad news is that it was impossible to get back into my old laptop and although I had backed up most of my documents, some photos I had planned on sharing on here did get lost.

I'm excited now to get back up to date and get posting again! Have you noticed any changes? If you are viewing this in your reader you should head to my blog directly and check out the absolutely beauiful blog layout designed for me by Kaelah of The Clueless Girl. I'm so happy with it, and excited to finally put it to good use!

So what have I been doing lately? Well, mostly work. A lot of baking! The new house has also been keeping me busy, we have been moved in for 8 months now and the bulk of the decorating is done. We just have a few bits to finish up but I am so happy we have come so far with it in such a short space after moving in with the only piece of furniture we had was a bed. I'm looking forward to sharing some detailed room tour photos with you shortly!

This weekend we are heading off on a trip I have been so excited about for a year now. My lovely friend Dawn of Inanity and the Girl is getting married in Las Vegas. Dawn's husband to be is another good friend of ours and we can't wait to share in their excitement! So we are heading to Vegas for 5 nights and then to New York for 5 more nights with 2 of our good friends and neighbours. Can't wait to get snapping with my camera again and share it all with you! Do you have any recommendations for Vegas?