House to Home.

Oh wow, I haven't updated this in a long time! Where have I been? Well, on top if working 6am-god knows most days, Ali and I have been working on something else as well. We bought our first home together! I absolutely love our home am looking forward to making lots of new memories here. We moved in a month ago now and we are still unpacking. We were completely starting from scratch, the only furniture we owned was my bed and an ikea expedit unit that I've been dragging from home to home for 5 years. So our lives have been filled with ikea trips, paint buying and sofa searching (who knew a sofa made in the UK would take 10 weeks to deliver?!).

We've made good progress but still have a lot to do. I am really keen to get our office set up so we have somewhere functional to work out of. Luckily for me the kitchen in the new house is far bigger than our little flat so I've been enjoying working in that, and there's also a garage that's been converted to studio space for me to store all of my business stuff which makes such a nice difference.

Lola is still settling in and getting used to living across 2 floors,  we are going to have to get a stair gate or something or we'll never be able to control where she runs off to - plus stairs are bad for her wee back! Our bedroom is almost done, and the spare room too. Our living room is upstairs and all we have done (well, all my dad has done) is wallpaper it as it's going to take so long for the sofa to arrive. There is lots of space in the kitchen for a sofa and tv though so we've been living off a very comfortable (I was surprised!) ikea 2 seater.

So please excuse me if I am quiet here, work is absolutely hectic at the moment (which is fab) but trying to find spare time is difficult and at the moment it's all going on DIY! Do you have any tips for decorating or making a new house your home? If you do please share! Below are a few snapshots of home life lately.

Now that we finally have the keys in hand I can tell you Ali and I just bought our first home together :) we just got the keys today. Can't wait to start a new part of our lives together.

Home sweet home You know you've moved in when the kettle follows

Want this wallpaper for the wee feature wall/fireplace wall in our living room (all other walls plain) I think it's 60s and cool also I love grey and yellow but I've a feeling other people will hate it. Yay/nay? Lovely present from @sweet_sobriquet :) so overwhelmed by how thoughtful this was! My house smells fab.


Living room colours Whoops, this photo shows it a bit better. 60s living room progress :)

#lolathesausage is helping me frame some @krisatomic prints for the spare bedroom :)

Culture night looked awesome, was sorry to miss it but I've had the most hectic work day ever! Hello bed

Out of the spare room and into our actual bedroom for the first night. Still a good bit to do in both rooms but getting there.

So ready for you bed  upload

Bits and bobs I need to find a place for