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I was sent a set by Panache to review (several months ago, I am terrible!). I was asked to review a set from their new Sculptresse line, which is plus sized but unfortunately they sent me the wrong set. I am doing a short review anyway of the set they did send me, however I think most of you would prefer checking out the Sculptresse line.

This is the Andorra set from Panache's standard sizing line. I ordered a 40 back and a D cup as that's what I have most recently been measured at. I took these to Italy with me to wear under a black dress but unfortunately the sizing was just all wrong on me. The back was far too tight, and the cup size was too small. I had the dreaded double boob! I think if I wanted to wear Panache I'd have to go up at least 2 sizes in the back and the cup. The cup size may be partly my fault as I go between a D and a DD depending on which store I am in but usually a D but the back was cutting in to me.

As I didn't get to try the Sculptresse range, I can't comment on their sizing but I think they'd definitely be something I'd like to check out as the designs they offer are beautiful and they set I received is gorgeous and well made, just ill fitting. You can order sets from Panache online or if you want to try them on first, they are stocked in Debenhams.


  1. I think Panache run small, both on cup and back - I have a beautiful bra from them which I can only ever fit into when I'm smaller (unlike all the rest of my bras the same size) but when I am able to wear it, it is one of my favourites. I particularly like them as they don't do the inch-thick straps that some of my bras have which is great for feeling a little more attractive and less like you're wearing scaffolding!

  2. I find this range tiny all over and have to size up but the sculptresse range is great with thicker straps which don't dig in and a little more roomy.

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