Dance around the flames...

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Dress - Asos
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Topshop

Just a quick outfit post! I wanted to see how the quality of my iphone would hold up for times I forget to bring my camera out and about. It isn't a bad substitute! Life lately has consisted of work work work and chaotic madness sorting out some other stuff. I'm trying to blog more here but I update my instagram several times a day if you want to follow me there - my username is frenchforcupcake!

It may be a short and sweet outfit post but you still get a song! I've been loving the new album from The Civil Wars - splashed out on the vinyl over the weekend. I'm kicking myself for not going to see them when they came here last week and now who knows if they will ever reconcile.


  1. Love that necklace, they have some great initial jewellery in there at the moment. I've picked up a cute 'G'ring and huge brooch. Your instagram snaps of dogs and cakes cheers me up.

  2. You are very beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing Civil Wars - I like this band:)

    All the best

    Linn from

  3. So pretty! Your instagram has been giving me life lately <3

  4. Your necklace is amazing and I love this dress on you, so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  5. You're so pretty in your black dress! Anyway, I found your page on Pinterest and I found interesting themes to customize our Pinterest page!

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  6. Nice outfit!


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