Wetsport House

This now seems like an age ago, but last month Ali and I went to Wesport in Co. Mayo to stay with his mum and aunt and relax for a few days! Westport is somewhere I used to visit every summer with my family when I was little, it was so fun to go back and recognise pubs, shops, beaches and all the things I did as a child (pubs included, my parent's favourite one had a play park for the kids!). One of of the days we visited Wesport house, which is one of Ireland's most beautiful stately homes which was built in 1730. It's in the middle of gorgeous grounds which are open to the public as well. We used to go there a lot when we stayed in Westport house and I account my love of old houses to looking around it when I was young. I was glad to see it had all been kept as it was when we visited, and I thought I'd share some of my photos with you.








Westport Westport





I tried to get outfit snaps but the wind wasn't behaving and neither was Lola! My bag and dress are from ASOS. 



Relaxing with a hot chocolate in Wesport town. I meant to take more photos of the trip but it was nice to just set the camera down and enjoy the moment! x

Needle and Hammer

Hey folks, quick one here! I just really wanted to share these photos of Lola's collar which was handmade by Needle and Hammer in Belfast. It's made from leather and has her name stamped into it. Johnny designed this for her and it's completely perfect! Her neck is so little (she's a miniature dachshund) we had her in a cat collar before this! We love it! 




You can find Needle and Hammer as part of Blue Door Studio's stall at St George's Market, Belfast on Sunday or find their Facebook page here

25 going on 5: Dresses, ponies and hair!

Hey everyone! I couldn't wait to share this dress with you. I turned 25 today and have had a wonderful birthday weekend so far. First things first let me share the real reason for this post, this amazing dress. It's from Vanity Project by Limb Clothing, who were kind enough to send me such an amazing piece for my birthday. I cannot get over how amazing their dresses are, I already have a long list of ones I now NEED to buy. The dress arrived and it was love at first sight, just a note for any short people like me, I did take this up about an inch but I am 5ft (and a half) so for most people the length would be fine. This is the dress I am wearing. I think the Betty P dress is the perfect style for me, but I also have my eye on the day dresses next.

I honestly love this dress to pieces, I felt amazing in it all night. I also found the sizing on these dresses really accurate! Usually vintage style dresses are really small on me and I need to size up, but this fitted like a glove and was a UK 18. I feel the need to point out here as I keep praising them like mad, I actually approached Limb to work with them and am not under any obligation to endorse them and am not being paid for this review. I'm just really so impressed with them. This dress makes me feel like Joan Holloway minus the amazing red hair. Thank you so much Limb for being so wonderful!

25th Birthday 25th Birthday

Hair clip - By Sam Mercer
Necklace - Vintage by Vintage Pintage
Dress - Limb Clothing
Shoes - New Look

25th Birthday 25th Birthday

25th Birthday

25th Birthday

25th Birthday

My hairclip was very kindly made by my friend and fellow St George's trader By Sam Mercer. Look out for a post featuring her lovely stuff coming up soon but for now go check out her website! She's a real lovely lady and everything she sells is handmade. 

25th Birthday

Although my birthday is today, I celebrated it yesterday with friends. I treated myself to a colour and blow dry at my favourite salon Vintage Rocks. As always it was a wonderful experience and I just love being there! I had a blow dry done and although curls never seem to stay in my hair these curls stayed in all night. I really want to learn to do this myself because I loved it! I felt so glam. I also got a blue streak added to my hair - love it!

Birthday relaxing begins! At my fav @vintagerocksbelfast You'd love this @monitoress

Big hair is big :) blow dry by @sherrykohlver colour and cut by Clare @vintagerocksbelfast Make up almost done

. .

. .

Looking so glam in my tiny kitchen, haha. Was just waiting for the taxi at this point!

Hair slide by @bysammercer

YASS thank you @omitten @whalesongs ! upload

Wahhhhh :') so cute! Cake for meee It's a good day ^_^ #nofilter #brighterthanthesun

Amazing cocktails, pressies and sushi from my favourite Belfast restaurant Sakura - and my new pride and joy from Ali, a cambridge satchel in neon pink! This photo doesn't even do it justice, it;s brighter than the sun! After dinner at Sakura last night a whole bunch of us headed to Tilt for cocktails and games. It was such a great night and it really made me so happy to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends. I was also completely spoiled with presents, spoiled!

Today Ali took me to The Merchant Belfast for afternoon tea which was completely delicious, and they even brought me birthday cake. After that, Ali took me to Build and Bear and bought me ponies, PONIES! Yes, I realise I am 25 and not 5 but sorry my love for ponies will never die. Especially rainbow and pink My Little Ponies. Ali keeps calling me a baby but he got Star Wars lego for his 25th so I think that's hardly fair! Also check out the amazing Game Of Thrones/Disney phone cover my little sister bought me, I love it! Dany is my fav.

Yum! upload

Tbh this is the best day ever  Thank you @alistairjcbrown Amazing phone cover from @kmagger

25th Birthday

25th Birthday

Treated to wonderful brownies from Life Is Sweet, you don't know brownies until you try these brownies.

25th Birthday

As you can see I was completely spoiled, I don't know why! I've had the best year ever with old friends and making new friends and I just love them all to bits, I can't believe they all did this for me. 

25th Birthday

Of course all the cards I got were amazing (especially Helen's, she glued together a 2 and a 5 card) but check out this pony. I feel like it's me in card form, thanks Dawniepants! Anyway - I am now off to eat more food and drink more drinks with my guy!

 Enjoying a birthday beer last night :)

I hope the huge amount of photos in this post wasn't too annoying! x

A month of Instagram: April 2013.

I keep forgetting to do this at the end of each month, so here's some photos from April and the end of March!

upload Lola is sad because she has the hiccups #lolathesausage Can't decide if a blue fringe is too scene kid or not (it's really bright IRL!) maybe back to black tomorrow...hmmm

New cookbook, Lola with the hiccups, had a blue fringe for a bit.

If there's any food in the world better than sushi I haven't found it yet Totally fluorescent dress ftw! It's from asos. #lilypinkbakery

Sushi, ASOS dress, Mockingjay cake. 

My fav ❤ upload Come baaaaack @alistairjcbrown

Kimbra vinyl, my wee pal. 

Red velvet wedding cake at Ballydugan Mill #lilypinkbakery

#lilypinkbakery Minis for Hollaback Belfast #lilypinkbakery Well, it's certainly the sexiest cake I've ever made #fassbender #lilypinkbakery

Wedding cake, cupcakes and probably the sexiest cake I have made to date.

Watching Ali make the tea, it's srs business #lolathesausage upload Finally! Ordered this on the 8th march! #teefury #legendofzelda

Chocolate penguin! And an awesome tshirt from teefury.

upload Cuddlebuddy #lolathesausage Chillin like a villain #lolathesausage

Tayto, dog.

View from the kitchen, could happily run LPB from here!

Enjoying the view out our bedroom window Ali and I found our new house, finally! 


Ali and I went to Westport, Co. Mayo earlier this month, beautiful view from our holiday home. 

Cakes set up for a wedding at Larchfield Estate #lilypinkbakery

Wedding cake (ignore the pin, it's temporary!) #lilypinkbakery

Working on wedding cupcakes #lilypinkbakery #lilypinkbakery Sleeping sugar paste kitty cat cake #lilypinkbakery

Wedding cake tree, wedding cake and cupcakes and a cat cake!

Making loaf cakes #lilypinkbakery Eton mess cupcake #lilypinkbakery #lilypinkbakery #stgeorgesmarket #belfast

#lilypinkbakery #stgeorgesmarket #belfast Made me think of @sarahkane #PicFrame

All of de cake, a plate that made me think of my best friend and some make up.

#lilypinkbakery #stgeorgesmarket #belfast

Excuse me just try telling me this isn't the best pin ever, thank you @tinytangerines !!!  Pooch is being spoiled #lolathesausage Mildly ridiculous dress from topshop is £5 down from £65, y\n??

Rainbow cake! Grumpy Cat pin from Tiny Tangerines, grumpy Lola, and a dress I got in Topshop today reduced to £5 from £65, winner.

She loves the sun #lolathesausage

What #lolathesausage Wee dote #lolathesausage Tshirt win #qwertee #gameofthrones

Car selfie! On our way to Zen to party for @lisa_labs birthday!

Going out for a pal's birthday.

Tshirt finally arrived from America #gameofthrones #motherofdragons #pokemon Yaaaaay the snow is melting! #lolathesausage Super Mario cocktail

My granny is in her 80s and this is her profile photo, she's great :) Love my handbag Chunky geisha cocktail! Couldn't resist the name :)

Lovely old photo I found of my granny, handbag, drinking a Chunky Geisha cocktail at Zen.

Can finally share this cake! Happy birthday @lisa_labs #lilypinkbakery #totoro #rainbowcake #totorocake Jesus take the wheel!!! #lolathesausage Beast of a cake, so heavy I can hardly lift it. 3 layer chocolate and vanilla cake 10" #lilypinkbakery

Didn't think @lisa_labs was going to cut the cake! Haha

Totoro cake I made for my friend's birthday, the big Totoro I sculpted from rice krispie squares. 

Adventure time, come on grab your friends! #adventuretime #teefury

Adventure tiiiime, come on grab your friends! I am very addicted to Qwertee/Teefury as you can maybe tell.

Hope you enjoyed! Back with a proper post soon, it's my birthday this weekend and we have lots of really fun things planned so i'll take lots of snaps!