The title of this post makes me giggle, my old username on everything used to be lovecat, I can imagine how much teenage woe is buried under that name! Ali and I had a very rare day off together yesterday so we decided to make the most of it. He works weekdays and I work most weekdays and all weekend so we never have a full stretch of a day off. I have Easter Sunday off though, can't wait for that!

Bank holiday day of fun! Featuring breakfast from @alistairjcbrown and awesome cup from @lifeissweetni

Ali drove to the shop and got us pastries for breakfast, yum! We had planned to get up and take the dogs (we're dogsitting our lovely pals puppy) to the beach so even though it was pouring we put on our coats and off we went. My sisters came with their dogs as well, so we had 4 of the nutters running around. I didn't take my camera because of the rain, and it was insanely windy as this photo demonstates! Ali made this on his phone, check out those ears!

Hehehehehe the ears



Helen's Bay, N.Ireland.

We got back, had some lunch and lounged around for a bit, I baked a cake and then we got ready and took ourselves out to La Bastille, a French restaurant on the Lisburn Road in Belfast. We'd been a few times before and completely loved it, and there was a 2 for 1 deal on so we decided to treat ourselves (Treat yo self!). I wore my new cat dress from topshop. I basically love it, it's been hastagged as #catboobs since I first put it in, meow! It's actually sleeveless but I wore a thin black tshirt underneath.

. .

Dress - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
It looks like I have some weird collar on, I don't - it's my hair haha. 



Going to la Bastille :)

My makeup for dinner.

French onion soup #labastille #belfast Fillet steak #labastille #belfast Stealing alis dessert #catboobs Lovely day off, is this what weekends are like?

Dinner at La Bastille, Onion Soup, Fillet Steak, Chocolate Tart - divine! 



  1. That dress is class!!

  2. You are so, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully prettttty ;) x

  3. Aah you look beautiful!!

    But WOE IS ME if you're not doing St George's on Easter Sunday. I was counting on some cupcake delights! :p xx

  4. I love your dress, dogs, food. Jealous of it all :) I'm having soup when I get home tonight but really want some fillet steak mmmm xx

  5. I love that cat dress! I can't believe how windy it was haha x

  6. Your cat dress is probably the greatest thing on this planet. It is the definition of fabulous.

  7. That fooooood! I am insanely jealous (as my stomach rumbles on). Love the dress! Catboobs must be the greatest hashtag the world has ever known?xx

  8. How did your pup like the beach? Our daxi won't even walk through a puddle! We're heading off to the coast in a few weeks for a long weekend and I can wait to see his reaction to waves!

  9. Treat yo self!

    Was wondering, do you bake full time now or have another job on the side? As someone whose dream is to cook/bake all day I'm interested in how you manage it!


  10. You look so insanely happy with the two dogs :) I don't blame you they are adorable!

  11. Love this post! Sounds like such a lovely day and the restaurant sounds like absolute bliss! I LOVE French food. You are beautiful & so are the dogs :)

    Amy x

  12. That food sounds delicious! Hope you had a good time, I do know how you manage being so busy all the time!

    Maria xxx

  13. Hi, I've nominated you for the versatile award on my blog!
    Sarah oxox


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