I'm ready to learn what it tastes to burn...

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Top - Primark
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - TK Maxx
Necklace - Topshop

I'm totally in love with this Topshop skirt, it was £16 and I think I will have to go back and buy 11 of them because it's so comfortable and this has become my standard outfit lately.

New insane heels to review

I was very kindly sent these skyscraper platforms (so high and beautiful!) by TK Maxx. I used to shop in TK Maxx a lot as a teenager, digging out unknown brands that were a little bit different (I distinctly remember wearing really bright pink combat trousers that had glow in the dark bits on them - oh dear!). I still love going in for homewares (they sell really good baking stuff!) but rarely get the time to look through all the clothes. I am growing impatient as I get a bit older. Luckily their website is pretty great - I hadn't used it before and it seriously makes the brand bargain hunting a lot easier! There were a few things I would have happily nabbed, but I settled on these platforms in the end. I never thought I'd find these in TK Maxx, so i'll definitely be checking back!


p.s. I haven't forgotten about yesterday's cake Monday, uh it'll just be more like a cake Tuesday night.
p.p.s. check out the inside of the shoebox!

Bottom of the shoebox, loooool

And as usual, here's a song I have been playing lately! Niki and the Dove Y U NO on Spotify?!


  1. I got sent some JCs from them too, I opted for flats though ;) The box is darling though! xx

  2. Those shoes are EPIC!!! They suit you so well <3

  3. You look amazing here although I don't know how you walk in those shoes!

    Maria xxx

  4. Those shoes are amazing!! And I love the colour of the skirt.

    Becca x

  5. Oooo, I LOVE this outfit and that skirt, too! I've been hunting for one just like it lately. And of course the shoes are perf. OF COURSE!

    xo Michelle

  6. How on earth do you walk on those shoes?! I bow to your superior shoe greatness. Love the outfit, I need a wee skirt like that so might have to have a wee peak in topshop!xx

  7. love the colour-combination :) you look great

  8. loooove those shoes, the chunky heels are quite 90s in a good way.

  9. I love those skirts from Topshop! I have a denim one, a black one & a grey one! So easy to wear with anything and so comfy! But Christ those shoes! Well done for walking in them, they are fab though!

    I haven't checked out TK MAXX's website but I think I'm going to have to from now on when it comes to bargain hunting. I used to love a browse in a store when I lived in a city!

    You look beautiful as ever.

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

  10. Those shoes are HOT. Love the whole outfit, especially the green skirt! xx

  11. Fricking LOVE those shoes. And I want that skirt. And also you are cute.


  12. GIVE ME those shoes!!! haha, love the way tou styled them!


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