A holiday in France and Spain

Did I manage to go all of December and part way through January without making any sort of Christmas post? I think I did! Ooops, I guess I just vanished a bit. December was the busiest month yet for my business, lots of orders for parties and gifts on top of several markets a week right until the evening of Christmas eve! One order alone was for 550 cupcakes (all to be made in one day) so hopefully you all understand why I was a little quiet!

Christmas itself was wonderful, spent with my family and my boyfriend. We had a boxing day party in our home and it was really great to hang out with friends and see lots of people I hadn't seen in a while as they live away from NI. On the 28th Ali and I flew to France to spend 3 nights with his parents. They live in a tiny village in the south of France called Limoux. We spent time mostly eating, watching films, visiting markets and indulging in Nutella Nougat.

After the 3 nights in France we drove to Barcelona with Ali's parents to spend New Year's Eve there. We went for a 6 course meal and I have never eaten so much good food!

I was too busy working/then having fun over Christmas so I didn't use my camera much, but here's some Instagram snaps!

upload Zelda cocktails at Tilt! Christmas hair!

LBP work do on Christmas eve! Haha, me and Ali and my 2 staff. We had a blast! Tilt on the Ormeau Road is my new favourite bar. Pulled pork burgers and Zelda cocktails! I had slightly too much to drink because I had to try every cocktail on the menu (Princess Peach! Bowser! Earthworm Jim!). Oh and Christmas hair :)


Christmas Molly I love him  upload

Amazing Topshop boots Ali got me for Christmas, along with Herby the Furby and a wonderful Kindle Paperwhite. And don't forget Christmas Molly!

upload Best mummy upload

My original furby and Herby being pals, best perfume from my mum and massive Lindor!

And now on to photos from France and Spain.














DSCF0330 DSCF0333



DSCF0349 DSCF0357

DSCF0366 DSCF0358




upload Ali bought me the most beautiful necklace today :) Walking around the seaside today in Sitges it was like spring, now back in rainy old  Belfast >:(

New Years Eve face, the most beautiful necklace that Ali bought me on New Year's Day, and relaxing in Sitges.

Well there is another reason I have been a bit MIA lately, blame this little lady. We got her a week ago, she's called Lola and she's a 10 week old dachshund. Expect an introduction to her this week! We love her to bits.

Prepare for loads of puppy spam. I love her

Back soon! x


  1. !!!!!!!! I'm so jealous - Barcelona and a sausage dog! Amazing. Looking forward to seeing more Lola pics.

  2. Looks fabulous Claire - you guys are the most gorgeous couple. Feeling the love! Doggie is beautiful…would love to meet him in RL. Great to see you today and the cupcakes were cut up into many pieces so everyone in the house got a taste of each one. Pina Colada was LUSH! Avril xx

  3. Food, shoes, puppies, this post has it all!

  4. Aww your pictures are lovely!! x

  5. I would give up sweets for a year to be able to holiday in Spain and France, you lucky lady, I love all the pictures. I love the color of your dress in that very first picture and pretty much everything else in this post, this post has evverrything (glitter boots, puppies, kitties, cupcakes, architecture, and furbies). I can't imagine having to bake that many cupcakes, I made about 2 dozen recently and it took me almost all day and by the time I was finished I barely wanted to eat them...


  6. I love these photos, it looks like you had a very busy and fun December! LOVE Lola too, she is so cute!

    Maria xxx

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  9. Glad you had a wonderful December and it's good to see you back ! :) I love France, hoping to go back this year :D such a wonderful country and Amazing food ! <3 xo

  10. You work so hard Claire! I ADORE that apartment block you've snapped - where is that?

  11. Beautiful photos - hope you had a lovely holiday season :) x

  12. Glad that you enjoy barcelona (my city) :)


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