How I love thee, sparkly boots.

I simply cannot resist sparkly boots. These were £38 from Topshop, and I love them! Wear with plasters for the first while though - totally ripped the heels off me, just like real Docs! Oh, and they also come in black glitter.



Blind and childish I won't Fight It

. .

Dress - Primark
Necklace - HearHoofbeatsThinkZebras (my friend Kyra at the market!)




Just a quick outfit post, I've shared this dress before but I recently rediscovered it and remembered how much I love it. It was a total bargain from Primark, I saw someone else wearing it, tried to find it online and it was £45 on ebay - then weeks later I spotted one in my size in the store and it was reduced to £8 when I got to the till. Amazing!

Bye Bye Birdie
This is how I had styled it before, I can't believe how different my hair is only 11 months later.

Anyway - I gave a talk on Friday at Belfast City hall to people wanting to start their own business, and this seemed smart enough but still me. Then I jazzed it up with the sparkly heels to go to ikea with Ali. We are having an epic Boxing Day party and needed to get some bits for our home. Mostly we just went and ate hot dogs. I can't wait, I am working with the business right up until Christmas eve (Christmas eve fair!) then we have our party, then the day after we go to Dublin, then to the south of France to visit Ali's parents for second Christmas then to Barcelona for New Year's Eve. I am excited! And as I always like to finish my outfit posts off with a recently listened to and loved amazement that this girl is only 19.