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Hey guys! I just got back from the most amazing trip to Dublin ever and want to share some photos with you! I booked tickets for me and my little sister, Katy, to see Nicki Minaj for her 18th birthday. I know you're probably more used to folk music recommendations here but yeah - I LOVE rap music. And I love Nicki. I actually think it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to! TYGA supported and that was a lot of fun as well, and YMCMB.

We danced all night, she played a really long set and was so sweet to the audience. My feet hurt so much by the end but luckily I had booked a super lush hotel called The Gibson which is only a few metres from the venue. I have honestly never stayed in such a beautiful hotel before. I'd book another trip to Dublin just to stay there. Highly recommended! Anyway, photos! And Granny, I know you read this! I apologise for the low cut dress, but y'know it's the style now. And I promise Katy and I were well behaved! 

Transferring to a more travel friendly container for our trip (because I am classy) Some day ill stop buying glittery shoes....maybe

Transferring the goods to a more travel friendly option, and my dreamy new boots (only £24.99 from New Look!) that I wore.

Awk hiya Dublin upload

Lovely Dublin (have I told you how much I love Dublin?)

DSCF9993 DSCF9995

Outfit photos for the day were a little pointless as it was SO COLD. I just wore this skater dress from Primark, Accessorize shoes and my River Island jacket around town. We got some food and went shopping, there's a Forever 21 in Dublin.

Of course I didn't buy these...nope. Ok ok I did BUT its all I bought on my shopping trip day in Dublin Hotel view, that's the O2 through the window. So good being so close to the venue!

Amazingly sparkly shoes from F21 for 20 Euro! I love sparkly shoes, look out for a Sparkly Shoe post coming soon! And that was the hotel view, the arches through the windows are the o2 areana - can't believe how close we were!

Fecking sweet hotel!

Bangin' hotel room!

photo (3) photo (4)

There was a seat in the shower...only mildly creepy.


photo (1)_2 photo (1)_3

My dress for the night from New Look (some outside brand) and my lovely new boots. 

Rack city bitch upload

Tyga and then Nicki killing it. I cannot describe how much I love this woman. 

Can't beat a 10 euro tshirt outside the venue where they cost 40 euro inside lol

Lights under our beds (so you know there's no monsters) Sparkly case

Got excited by the lights under our bed, and my sparkly phone case. I've upgraded to iphone 5 after smashing the screen on my old iphone 4. I like the new phone a lot and the camera quality is pretty good. I took most of these photos on it because I was so cold I couldn't be bothered taking my camera out haha. So hopefully this will allow more posts! Do you mind these posts with less high quality photos? Should I stick to them or scrap them?

Slightly odd art in the bathroom lol So sparkly, also studded! Didn't buy these though, don't think I'd ever pay £40 for new look flats


Have some Nicki (a non rap one that I actually love!) and have a good day - and on a side note - YAY OBAMA!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, I've always wanted to visit Dublin it sounds amazing! And your hotel room looks lush :) xo

  2. I love Dublin! I really want to visit again. I also love Belfast! I loooooove your glittery shoes! (I think I've said love far too many times)

  3. I LOVE Nicki. Have a mild obsession with her and have been known to sing her songs at the top of my voice while hoovering.

    Love that dress. And those boots. And those shoes. Basically I love everything then. Ha x

  4. Love all the glittery shoes. My brother is seeing Nicki in Cardiff tonight, gutted I couldn't go but only just got back from Manchester. I've never been to Dublin, will have to be next on my list x

  5. Love these photos Claire! I love Dublin too. That hotel looks AMAZING!!! Was it expensive do you mind me asking?

  6. The hotel room looks amazing! I love all your glittery shoes, I can't wait for the forever 21 in Liverpool to open. Those glittery brogues aren't on the website, boo :(

  7. Ohhh love Nicki Minaj! Your obsession with sparkly shoes makes me smile a lot. Those boots are pretty awesome!
    S xx

  8. Love these sparkly shoes!

    Maria xxx

  9. Ahh that new look dress looks amazing! x

  10. Pretty ! I miss Dublin :( havent been in forever ! looks like you immense fun at the concert ! :D <3

  11. There are SO MANY sparkly shoes in this post! I love the dress you wore. And, seriously, don't mock a seat in the shower. I had a disabled room at uni and the shower seat was my best hangover friend.



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