The dreaded but beloved Christmas do!

I was never sure if I loved Christmas work do's or hated them. The food was always rubbish, the music ridiculously pants and at some point in the evening someone is going to offend their boss. But there's something a little exciting about showing people you can actually look nice when you aren't wearing your polyester supermarket uniform and at least there's always alcohol. Well - as it turns out I must like Christmas work dos because this is my first year self employed and I'm a bit sad at the thought of not having one to go to. I am going to visit my old workmates for drinks though, so am trying to decide on what to wear! Or I could just throw a party for myself and my staff of 2! 

I've been nosying for a good clutch bag as it seems to be the thing I completely forget about until it's already 10 minutes past when I was supposed to be there 10 minutes ago and I am trying to decide which bag will fit in the 4 of my lipsticks that I can't decide between. Anyway, here are a few picks I settled on! I think i'll go for the sparkly one, or should I choose the sparkly one? Who am I kidding? We all know I will just play it safe and pick the sparkly one.

See more designer bags like these from House of Fraser.

I feel the need to finish this post with my most favouite work do outfit. My beloved Pearl Lowe Peacocks dress, so elegant...even at 4am covered in sick (don't ever let anyone make you do Jagerbombs when you clearly were past it two hours ago).

Party dress. .

p.s. I have no idea what my face is doing here either, concentrate on the dress!

A month of Instagram: October 2012.

Ooops! I forgot to do my month of Instagram for October. I hope it's not a big faux pas to post them this late - but I did't want to miss another month. October was great :)

Cupcakes for the lovely lovely @vintagerocksbelfast This just arrived :D Puppy!

Tea robot! Time for tea. Does anyone put milk in their chai tea? Tea time

Cupcakes! The amazing making of Game of Thrones book, Tails the pom, robot tea, suki tea and more tea!

Big rainbow cake! @leontia2001 Cake for a christening for a little girl called Violet! The layers inside are pink and purple :) @dazzlemebelfast Photo of the violet cake cut open! Photo credit to 7star photography

Lumpy space princess rainbow cake for @kmagger happy lumpin' birthday

Wish my favourite food wasn't the most expensive food :/ Love wee Molly Das cutie pants

Rainbow cake, a violet cake for a little girl named Violet, LSP rainbow cake I made for my little sister's 18th birthday, the best sushi and miso from Sakura Belfast, Memaw, my lovely niece Abbie!

Hi @alistairjcbrown upload Halloween cupcakes!

Custom cupcakes Sampling the stock ;) Old fashioned cocktail cupcakes also for the James Bond thing!

Ali helping out, lots of cupcakes - the last are Old Fashioned Cocktail ones.

Mint chocolate skulls Nutter upload

The cutest owl

Skullcakes, Me and Jaime the nutter, Katy and I at work, Abbie being adorable as usual. 

Spontaneous trip to see @sarahkane really need to clean that mirror... Went to hotel chocolat to buy Halloween chocolate ended up getting Christmas ones Much better, thank you John Lewis!

I got it :) You can see the pattern better here. It's velvet not lace love it :)

Going to town with Sarah K, bought Christmas chocolate instead of Halloween, my lovely Cath Kidston cake stand and a velvet top I bought from New Look.

Cats cats cats upload My tshirt has a unicorn on it, your argument is invalid.

Amazing card from @sarahkane Best frennns Cake and Pikachu upload

Mr Whiskerson and cat shoes, the lovely Dawn and I at Belfast Fashion Week, wonderful card my bestie made me, Cake and Pikachu and sweeties!

Mrs hedgehog cloth Cosy wee flat Off to the shap. Someone want to come round and clean my mirror for me?

New iPhone 5 32gb to replace my smashed old iPhone 4 16gb. Can't wait to have a working home button again! Geek ^_^ Popped into @vintagerocksbelfast to deliver cupcakes and ended up getting a fringe trip and being in a promotional video, never a dull moment! Love that place!

Lady Hedgehog cloth, our cosy flat, need to clean my mirror, new iphone, geeky new iphone name (love you if you get it), fringe cut!

Funfetti cupcakes out of the oven! Getting baking Thank god we shared haha

My sisters Out for @kmagger s birthday! Ermagaaad Malkshake! London

Funfetti cupcakes, baking ingredients, pavlova, my beautiful sisters, malkshake!!, London.

Would really like to eat this right now, damn customers buying my wares! ;) Chocolate fudge cake nom Sea monster cupcakes

Cheesecake order, chocolate fudge cake, tentacle cupcakes.

Little box of minis for a wedding client, wanted samples of their cakes :) too cute! upload Teaaaa <3 bloody freezing today!

Wedding samples, Andy mug!

Ali is comfortable with his masculinity @teeandtoast

Try telling me my boyfriend isn't the cutiest patootiest?

Lol, leaned against the wall to take a stupid photo and forgot the Star Wars stag is hung here. Accidental photo fun. Fatty boom boom THE BEST

Antlers on the wall made me lol, lots of good food and cookie butter.

Me and my da :)

Spontaneous date ftw Genuinely can't feel my hands after carving this but WINTER IS COMING #gameofthrones #got #direwolf #stark #pumpkin #winteriscoming


Me and my da, me and my Ali, my Direwolf pumpkin (took forever to carve!) and myself.

Fox necklace Our tshirts arrived @omitten upload

Topshop necklace, teefury tee and the best Kraken rum.

Love autumn!

Loving autumn.


And lastly, Molly's obsession with socks.

p.s. This is my 250th blog post!