Warning folks, this may be a bit of a rambly one...

IMG_9920 IMG_9892
Top - New Look (actually a peplum top)
Skirt - River Island
Boots - ebay 


It's been a little while since I posted. No complicated reasons or anything, only I work a lot and am having difficulty finding time to take photos and do outfit posts. It's kinda getting me down. I used to be proud of having a blog with good quality photos, and regular content. I used to love sharing outfit posts but now it has become a bit of a chore.

This is mainly because of circumstance, I moved over a year ago and love our flat - but there's nowhere decent to take photos with good light, except in the garden which is overlooked by other houses and flats. This might sound stupid coming from someone who obviously regularly takes self portraits - but I hate people seeing me take photos of myself. It completely makes me cringe! My neighbour's flat looks right over the only decent photo spot and the garden is shared so I never have any privacy. I hate the thought of someone seeing me take a photo of my outfit and think to themselves oh how vain is she thinking she looks like a model or something. Well I don't. I like style and I like clothes and bags, but I still feel really self conscious about how I look a lot of the time. This has made me too nervous to go and take photos really.

Another thing is the damn time of year, I work all day (and often most nights - joys of self employment), so I only really go out in the evenings and I'd rather have no photos at all that darkly lit rubbish ones like those above. I'm a perfectionist and it pains me to post them. I have nobody to take photos of me even when there is good light as I work on my own during the day. I had rubbish luck today with my cameras, no focusing, ISO button on my Canon breaking, certainty that the neighbours were watching me look stupid. 

Any advice on how to get back into outfit posts? I have nobody to take photos of me even when there is good light as I work on my own. I keep finding amazing clothes and outfits and wanting to share them, but I feel just totally disenchanted after a string of bad luck, self consciousness and irritating cameras.

When all else fails do as I do and read A Feast for Crows while listening to Halcyon which I adore.

Apart from that silliness everything is good, work is good, love is good - life is great. Also my new boots are very good. They're from ebay.


  1. Ellie Goulding for the win!! This post also made me google what ISO buttons are. I have an SLR. *shame* It is tricky getting the right lighting, and also not feeling self conscious about people seeing you have your photo taken. I understand, and sadly don't have any tips, except to sayyy I love reading your OOTD posts because how you dress is quite different to mine and I love to see how you've styled different things. And if you didn't blog, I'd prob miss out on little gems like these amazeballs boots!
    S xx

  2. "differently to me". I write for a living. *double shame*

  3. Ooh I was going to get those boots in red! I think you've just given the final push ;) I get incredibly self conscious taking photos of myself and that's why I rarely do it anymore. You look fab though :) x

  4. I'm pretty sure FFC is one of the first blogs I found a couple of years ago and it inspired me to start blogging myself. I've always wanted to do more outfit posts but am never really comfortable with myself to show them. Plus I still haven't got much of a clue how to use my SLR which puts me off a little. I always thought your outfit posts were gorgeous and pretty fun. Okay, haven't actually given you any tips here but I'm sure you'll be back on tip top bloggin form before you know it! Claire :)

  5. I'm having a nightmare with photos too. I live in a hosue that is being renovated and has no blank walls in a fit state and the town is being regenerated and there are builders eeverywhere that can see into my garden and stare at me when I take photos. Gah! xx

  6. I don't have any tips, but I am the same way! I live in an apartment and I always scope out the window to make sure the coast is clear before snapping any photos. I had an awkward encounter with one of my neighbors the other day who strolled past as I was taking pics. He stopped and watched me the whole time, and I got so flustered I gave up after one shot and basically ran back inside, lol.

  7. I know exactly where you're coming from, my back garden is looked over by at least 5 other houses, ick. xx

  8. In my last house we took ootd photos in the front garden, I hated it because it was ''right out there'' I'm lucky that we're more exposed now. But look, you blog, successfully. You put yourself out there on the big www. Surely one pesky neighbour's opinion doesn't matter? ;)
    You look gorgeous, boot jealousy!
    I do hope you find a solution as I miss your posts x

  9. I totally get what you're saying because this is my issue and one of the reasons why I hardly ever do outfit posts anymore, I've considered setting up some sort of makeshift studio in my house in the past but there's honestly not much room here and I'd probably need to invest in some sort of lighting which I just can't afford at the moment.

    So I guess I'm no help sorry, but I hope you find a solution soon <3


    p.s. LOVING those boots!!!

  10. I never post outside outfit photos - I live in a block of flats where there is already one creepy guy who IU try to avoid as he stalks me. The only time I'd post outfit photos from anywhere other than my flat is if I've been somewhere with friends and have photos from the day.Despite what all the blogger tips chats seem to say on twitter, I don't think there are any rules on how and where your photos should be taken.
    I also know the feeling of not being comfortable in your photos, or in the way you look, I'm battling pretty hard with this one at the moment.

  11. Aww sweetie, I know exactly how you feel! I also think it's really important to have good quality photos! Unfortunately, I don't have any tips on taking pictures of your outfits, I don't even own a tripod. Do you? Maybe that could help? Also I know the feeling of not wanting anyone to see you taking pictures, but so,etimes you just have to block it out I guess? Or maybe choose a time of the day when most people are working a take some quick snippets and get right back to work? I really wish I could help you! haha Good luck! xx


  12. I love this skirt on you! The boots are gorgeous too.

    I know how you feel about taking your own photos.. I have my own back garden but you can clearly see over the walls if next door is in their garden, which does make for some interesting conversation when they ask what I'm up to! xo.

  13. This skirt is lovely on you! I am finding it so difficult to take outfit pics too, desperately need some inspiration!

    Maria xxx

  14. I really love that skirt! I just take mine in the garden and I can be seen by several houses AND the people that walk by. It sucks but there you go. Be brave!


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