Accents of Gold

My love affair with gold is long documented on this blog. I can't be having silver, I just can't rock it! Give me gold over silver any day. I have a feeling this love affair may have spawned from my love for anything tacky, but occasionally I pick much classier items ;)

DSCF0221 DSCF0220

(Please excuse the bad quality photos, had my camera on the complete wrong setting and didn't realise until later!)

Dress - ASOS
Jacket - River Island
Boots - Primark

I'm wearing a lot of deep jewel colours now coming into winter - emeralds and rubies like the dress above. I find gold accessories go wonderfully with these colours - even gold nails and eyes! I was sent this watch in the summer by the lovely people at French Connection. I actually never thought I'd be a watch wearer (something my mother has tried to instill in me was to always wear a watch, but I found them so fiddly!) but with working so much now I have to keep a strict timetable. What do you think? I think I might be a convert.





  1. I feel really drawn to ruby coloured things at the moment as well. Love that watch, lovely post x

  2. That watch is gorgeous and just the right size! x

  3. I love the jewel colours for autumn! I've been wearing them too (but I don't pull them off half as nicely as you!!

    That watch is beautiful!

    Amy x

  4. I used to wear a watch ALL the time, but then when a strap broke on my watch I couldn't be bothered replacing it and got used to just using my phone or PC in work. I would love to replace it one day though, this is a really nice watch. I think I'm hankering after a swatch one though.

  5. Really pretty watch. A watch and earrings are my favorite, must have pieces of jewelry. I suppose the watch is a carryover habit from my days working as a paramedic.

    Lovely colors on you. I'm with you on the 'gold' over silver. Gold is so much better on me..although I do on occasion wear silver.

    1. I love a smart watch, I also think you will check that instead of checking your phone all the time and the battery doesn't run out then. Love this dress xx

  6. This watch is lovely, I got a new one recently which is bright blue and it is the most fun thing to wear!

    Maria xxx


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