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Dress, Tights & Boots - Primark
Necklace - ASOS

My best friend, Sarah, and I headed to a concert/all day festival thing in Belfast yesterday - we decided this meant dressing up and lots of glitter. We drank cider and danced and Sarah cheered me up when the music made me sad, then we danced more. I have never been to a proper festival before, so let's call the mud and portaloos preparation for Bestival next month - I'm super psyched that Echo Falls are sending myself and some other lovely bloggers over to the Isle of Wight to enjoy lots of good music and share some of it with you! Look forward to me most likely falling into a puddle of mud at some point and blogging about it.

Ooh, also I got my fringe cut! There's an amazing retro salon in Belfast called Vintage Rocks - they'll be including my Lily Pink Bakery cupcakes in a new package called Tea Tuesdays from September - so we had a bit of a hair cut/cupcake eating meeting! Sounds good to me! I decided to be slightly impulsive and get a fringe cut, I love it though!


(I am messy, I think that's probably either dry shampoo or toothpaste I've managed to get on my dress here...oops)


Anyway, I know this is basically the same outfit I shared before but with different boots and necklace, but I so rarely get the chance to go out and dress up even a little anymore - so I thought it was a good opportunity to share! And to get Sarah to take some snaps. Isn't she lovely? Check out her blog, she's a professional photographer so expect way better photos than you find on here!



Me and my big sister, another Sarah.

I missed sharing music with you all so here's a lovely Kimbra video. I just booked tickets to see her in Vancouver where i'm visiting my brother next month (any must sees/eats highly appreciated!). I love her, I think I might just stash her in my backpack and bring her home with me.

Until next time! x


  1. You look great! Love these looks!

  2. Your eye makeup looks lovely, Claire and I am loving the fringe!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous claire! I was there on Wednesday night went to a portaloo that was just about to overflow, rank! Brilliant night!

  4. You look so beautiful! Absolutely love your new hair x

  5. The fringe really suits you! Also, insanely jealous that you're going to Vancouver. Lots of photos, please! xo

  6. You look great, perfect festival outfit. I braved the mud for foo fighters the night before, it was great. Can't wait to see how you get on at bestival, sounds so much fun!
    I adore the fringe btw, I've wanted one for ages but just dnt think I'd suit it. Have wanted to try vintage rocks for a while, Drove past the salon for first time the other day and it looked lovely!

  7. Ahh I love the dress and those fab tights :)

  8. I actually can't contain my jealousy at your seeing Kimbra.....She's from NZ ya know....where all the best people come from.
    I was gunna say you look nice and be very complimetary, but I just hat you now :p

  9. Gorgeous fringe Claire, you really really suit it! I love the tights too, I got a pair and annoyed my friends all night by constantly asking them were my seams straight lol

  10. Can you do a post, or link us to something, about how you do your eye makeup? It always looks great and I need to know how haha!

  11. The Isle of Wight sounds like it's going to be so much fun, jealous! I love your outfit too, and your eye makeup is so pretty :)
    Faye x

  12. Love your necklace

  13. Cute dress, hair and makeup in the top set of pic's :D

    Sal x

  14. I love the colour of that dress.
    I echo the other comments - you look lovely in a fringe.

  15. This is so gorge, very Mad Men meets Stevie Nicks

  16. Oh that dress is so lovely! your outfit looks amazing :))

    Lots of love,

    Enter my studded corset giveaway in collaboration with Kat Valdez!

  17. I love this dress! Will have to nip to primark and have a look at all the A/W stuff! x

  18. How did I miss this post? Stupid Google Reader.This post made me happy, happy, joy, joy. You look gorgeous (we need to do some fun photo days, just dressing up, posing and taking photos). I look awful, lol, but that was such a great wee day. I loved it & I love you. xxx


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