For the night is dark, and full of terrors.

Anyone who knows me at all, (and anyone who is friends with me on fb where I constantly geek out) knows of my obsession with Game of Thrones. I started watching the show because it is filmed here in Belfast and wanted a nosy. I instantly fell in love. If I remember, I watched episode 1 at 3am the night before I had work at 7am because I couldn't sleep. I ended up watching episodes until 6am then getting an hours rest. I couldn't stop watching! I love it, I even went to a cinema screening here where they showed the entire first season over 2 nights.

Long line of bags of cupcakes going to the Game of Thrones set, best order ever! So this is where I was today! I sat on the iron throne and visited the Eyrie! Eeeee <3£29 from amazon whup :)

Bags of cupcakes ordered for the GOT Production Team (legitimately the coolest order I have ever recieved), me on a set tour last year and my lovely books (really cheap from Amazon).

As a baker, I have quite a lonely working day - I work on my own, and so listening to the audiobooks as I bake has been such a welcomed escape from my normal boring thoughts! I am loving the books, and as I listen to easily 10 chapters a day - I am constantly living Game of Thrones! An advantage of living where they film it, is bumping into the stars. My ultimate dream would be to meet Lena Headey, keep your fingers crossed! So far I've spotted Jaime Lannister 5 minutes from my flat (Tyrion Lannister shopping in my local co-op!), had a chat with Iwan Rheon who will be in Season 3 (from Misfits), served cupcakes to Arya Stark at my market stall, and then on Sunday I spotted Bran, Rickon and Myrcella! I also met Ciaran Hinds who has been cast as the epic Mance Rayder for the new season.

Friends of mine have identified a "Game of Thrones voice" that I have, where if I meet someone involved in the show I will get over excited and talk very fast (apologies to the lovely people seated next to me at a restaurant who I recognised as the ones who gave me a set tour last year - cue 3 hours of me asking them annoying questions, getting over excited about Robb Stark and spilling a glass of red wine over myself - so classy).

Omg you guys it's Bran, Rickon and Marsella! Game of thrones FTW!

Rickon & Bran Stark, and Myrcella Baratheon.

ARYA STARK! :o she got cupcakes off me zomg (im more excited than I look here lol)

(Excuse the poor quality, I got too excited to find my phone or camera so my sister took it on her Samsung)

Anyway, enough of me blabbering on! I wanted to share some of my favourite Thrones themed items that I've come across online!



I thought I'd start off with one of my fellow market traders, Hear Hoof Beats Think Zebras have a stall at the same market I trade at, and I got totally over excited when I came across their jewellery! I bought a gorgeous bracelet from them. Check out their etsy shop here.

got2 got1

I am in love with these bags. Fencing & Archery have a whole range of Thrones items, I had to keep myself from going nuts! I ordered the Direwolf tote, and with the code 'FIGGYPUDDING' got $5 off.


How awesome is this? Mother of Dragons! I love this so much, you can get it on a tshirt from the artist's etsy page here. I used this image because the model looked downright miserable.


One of my favourite Thrones quotations on a tote bag, win!

got7 got8

How utterly adorable are these? I think I might have to order some!


I hope you enjoyed this post, a little different but I had fun writing it! Oh and p.s, Thrones fans in Belfast - I'm introducing Ice and Fire cupcakes to the market very soon! ;)




  1. I love this post! I'm a huge GoT fan and have contemplated the drive up from Dublin many times to do a little star spotting so I'm suuuper jealous of you casually running into 'em :)

    Excellent choices of Thrones goodies too x

  2. I love that the cast love your cupcakes! I usually hate anything gory or scary but I'm obsessed with GoT - it's so well cast and I'm a huge Jon Snow fan haha!

    1. AAARGH Starks are eating your cakes, possibly the coolest thing ever. I really want that tote bag and anything Jon Snow themed as you already know I'm team Snow x

  3. Loooove GoT too, I might have to make a trip over and just...loiter.

  4. Arrrrgh you know I'm obsessed as well! You're so lucky to have met the cast and crew, how cool. If you see Richard Madden or Kit Harington, slip 'em my number will you please? ;) xx

  5. I love GOT too! I have a hand of the king pin which I proudly wear on my cardigan and my boyfriend got to meet Tywin Lanister and Ygritte at London Comic Con. I would actually die of excitement if I got to meet Jon Snow.

  6. This is the best post I've read in a while! I love GoT and you're so lucky to have met some of the cast! That last photo made me giggle a little, that's exactly what I thought when I saw Jamie Lannister ^_^


  7. I tried watching GoT, but got through 3 episodes and just couldn't hack it. Your love for the show though is nudging me to try it again... Haha, Gavin, whom Maeve and I were with at the market on Sunday spotted a GoT person, maybe it was Ciaran?

  8. Squeeeee'! Ok here's the thing. I need to watch this show. As you know I've read all of the books because I wouldn't be able to spot any of the cast and I want to fangirl the life out of it too!!!!


    P.s I want all those things!

  9. I love GoT and am also reading the books. My favourite character is Khal Drogo, I've been a massive Jason Momoa fan for years. I thought you might like this, it's a video of a cat 'singing' the GoT theme song :) xoxo

  10. I love the etsy tote bag, it's AMAZING. Forever jealous of your GOT encounters xx

  11. Wow, you're so lucky to be so close to the set! I'm currently on A Feast for Crows and have seen all of both series so far. Excited for the next season :) x

  12. So cool that you've met/seen all those actors! I am also obsessed with the series. I live in fear that George R.R. Martin will die before he finishes all the books and we will never know how it ends! This is a legitimate fear of mine that I think about often, which tells you how obsessed I am....

  13. this is the coolest post! can't believe you got an order from the set! you're so lucky to have seen loads of the cast. 'the night is dark and full of terrors' is one of my fave lines too. melisandre is just so badass, totes loved her and stannis together last season. i really need to crack on with the books, i'm normally a fast reader but embarrassingly i'm still on the first one! xx

  14. I am a huge fan of the show and wow, I'm really jealous! :D I wish i could've met them too. Oh, and thanks for including my tote bag! :) I'm very glad you like it.


  15. I'm so late to this post but I saw Game of Thrones retweet that pic of you with Bran and Co. and I though I recognised you lol! Yeah I'm totally obsessed with the show to and I've read all the books apart from A Dance with Dragons, trying to save that one for a little while longer so I don't have to wait as long for the next!

    One of the crew actually bought one of my Direwolf scarves from my Etsy shop which was the biggest compliment ever!!!

    I've met a lot of the cast at cons and they are such lovely people I really can't wait for season 3 to start because I know it's going to be amazing xoxo

  16. Oh my word this is amazing! I love Game of Thrones - I can't believe you met so many of the cast! What a great ad for your business!


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