From the slums of loneliness...

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Dress, Tights & Boots - Primark
Necklace - ASOS

My best friend, Sarah, and I headed to a concert/all day festival thing in Belfast yesterday - we decided this meant dressing up and lots of glitter. We drank cider and danced and Sarah cheered me up when the music made me sad, then we danced more. I have never been to a proper festival before, so let's call the mud and portaloos preparation for Bestival next month - I'm super psyched that Echo Falls are sending myself and some other lovely bloggers over to the Isle of Wight to enjoy lots of good music and share some of it with you! Look forward to me most likely falling into a puddle of mud at some point and blogging about it.

Ooh, also I got my fringe cut! There's an amazing retro salon in Belfast called Vintage Rocks - they'll be including my Lily Pink Bakery cupcakes in a new package called Tea Tuesdays from September - so we had a bit of a hair cut/cupcake eating meeting! Sounds good to me! I decided to be slightly impulsive and get a fringe cut, I love it though!


(I am messy, I think that's probably either dry shampoo or toothpaste I've managed to get on my dress here...oops)


Anyway, I know this is basically the same outfit I shared before but with different boots and necklace, but I so rarely get the chance to go out and dress up even a little anymore - so I thought it was a good opportunity to share! And to get Sarah to take some snaps. Isn't she lovely? Check out her blog, she's a professional photographer so expect way better photos than you find on here!



Me and my big sister, another Sarah.

I missed sharing music with you all so here's a lovely Kimbra video. I just booked tickets to see her in Vancouver where i'm visiting my brother next month (any must sees/eats highly appreciated!). I love her, I think I might just stash her in my backpack and bring her home with me.

Until next time! x

For the night is dark, and full of terrors.

Anyone who knows me at all, (and anyone who is friends with me on fb where I constantly geek out) knows of my obsession with Game of Thrones. I started watching the show because it is filmed here in Belfast and wanted a nosy. I instantly fell in love. If I remember, I watched episode 1 at 3am the night before I had work at 7am because I couldn't sleep. I ended up watching episodes until 6am then getting an hours rest. I couldn't stop watching! I love it, I even went to a cinema screening here where they showed the entire first season over 2 nights.

Long line of bags of cupcakes going to the Game of Thrones set, best order ever! So this is where I was today! I sat on the iron throne and visited the Eyrie! Eeeee <3£29 from amazon whup :)

Bags of cupcakes ordered for the GOT Production Team (legitimately the coolest order I have ever recieved), me on a set tour last year and my lovely books (really cheap from Amazon).

As a baker, I have quite a lonely working day - I work on my own, and so listening to the audiobooks as I bake has been such a welcomed escape from my normal boring thoughts! I am loving the books, and as I listen to easily 10 chapters a day - I am constantly living Game of Thrones! An advantage of living where they film it, is bumping into the stars. My ultimate dream would be to meet Lena Headey, keep your fingers crossed! So far I've spotted Jaime Lannister 5 minutes from my flat (Tyrion Lannister shopping in my local co-op!), had a chat with Iwan Rheon who will be in Season 3 (from Misfits), served cupcakes to Arya Stark at my market stall, and then on Sunday I spotted Bran, Rickon and Myrcella! I also met Ciaran Hinds who has been cast as the epic Mance Rayder for the new season.

Friends of mine have identified a "Game of Thrones voice" that I have, where if I meet someone involved in the show I will get over excited and talk very fast (apologies to the lovely people seated next to me at a restaurant who I recognised as the ones who gave me a set tour last year - cue 3 hours of me asking them annoying questions, getting over excited about Robb Stark and spilling a glass of red wine over myself - so classy).

Omg you guys it's Bran, Rickon and Marsella! Game of thrones FTW!

Rickon & Bran Stark, and Myrcella Baratheon.

ARYA STARK! :o she got cupcakes off me zomg (im more excited than I look here lol)

(Excuse the poor quality, I got too excited to find my phone or camera so my sister took it on her Samsung)

Anyway, enough of me blabbering on! I wanted to share some of my favourite Thrones themed items that I've come across online!



I thought I'd start off with one of my fellow market traders, Hear Hoof Beats Think Zebras have a stall at the same market I trade at, and I got totally over excited when I came across their jewellery! I bought a gorgeous bracelet from them. Check out their etsy shop here.

got2 got1

I am in love with these bags. Fencing & Archery have a whole range of Thrones items, I had to keep myself from going nuts! I ordered the Direwolf tote, and with the code 'FIGGYPUDDING' got $5 off.


How awesome is this? Mother of Dragons! I love this so much, you can get it on a tshirt from the artist's etsy page here. I used this image because the model looked downright miserable.


One of my favourite Thrones quotations on a tote bag, win!

got7 got8

How utterly adorable are these? I think I might have to order some!


I hope you enjoyed this post, a little different but I had fun writing it! Oh and p.s, Thrones fans in Belfast - I'm introducing Ice and Fire cupcakes to the market very soon! ;)



Cinnamon Marshmallow Treats!


I've been wanting to make these for ages but kept forgetting to pick up Cinnamon Toast Crunch (refuse to call them by their new stupid name). Small boxes are £1.50 in Sainsburys now so I thought it was a good excuse to pig out! This is the easiest thing to make, I feel a bit silly even writing a recipe.

-400g Marshmallows
-7 Cups Cinnamon Cereal
-Knob of butter (optional, the recipe I used had butter in it but I actually don't think it was necessary and wouldn't use it again).

1. Grease your tray slightly.
2. Melt the butter if you're using it, and then the marshmallows.
3. Throw in your cereal and mix mix mix!
4. Squash down flat in a tray.
5. Chill in the fridge for an hour or so, then slice and you're good to go!







Et Voila. Perfect with a cup of tea! I love my new mug, from Disney Store. I think I may have to get a few more, I have a thing for mugs! But look how pretty/cool it is!



Angry Birds

Angry birds cake

Angry birds cake

Angry birds cake

I made this recently for a customer - probably the most fun cake I have ever made!