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Dress - Lady Vintage London (I tied the black tie around the back because I like the shape it made, but I think it's supposed to tie around the front).
Boots - Topshop
Earrings - Topshop

If you follow my twitter, you might have seen a spot of terrible customer service I experienced last week. I'd bought from Lady Vintage London once before, and received a discount code for my next order which didn't seem to be working. When I emailed about it, let's say I got a pretty rude response. After a lot of retweets, I did get an apology from the MD of the company.

I was really sad about what happened, mostly because I really wanted the dress (and would have bought it discount code or not!) but after such a rude response I didn't want to order from them. I was really pleased to get a very sincere apology from Victoria who runs the company. I'm happy from her explanation that what happened was a one off, someone was having a bad day, and that the company's customer service is generally very good. It's hardly fair if one rude person ruins a company's reputation. As well as an apology, Victoria sent me the dress this week and I have to say I love it.

I wasn't asked to address what happened, or feature the dress but I felt like the apology was sincere and also that the dresses on the site would probably appeal to you lovely readers so I wanted to share it.



Ooops, my hair covers the lovely collar. It is blue though, so fair enough :D


Anyway, how was I supposed to resist something with birdcages all over it?


  1. Love it, I'd been eyeing up the white version of that dress with a brocade pattern a while ago, I gotta say your debacle made me go eeeek a bit! How did you find the fit true to size? Too long maybe ? I'm totally prayin you say it's way too long but I should order it as it'll fit me lol. Ah well it's pretty! And at least you got some proper customer service in the end!


    1. Too long for me probably, but you know me I'm a wee shorty! Should be grand on you. It looks great with a petticoat under it too! I found it true to size, this is an 18 and fits well on me! x

    2. Oooooo, I sense a new purchase on the horizon then...knowing me it'll be too short lol

  2. I'm glad to hear the problem was sorted out, it really is a beautiful dress xoxo

  3. That is such a lovely dress!! :)


  4. What horrific customer service! But at least there was an apology.. and that dress *is* gorgeous :') I love your hair, by the way! ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  5. Sometimes I wonder if an apology really makes up for bad customer service, I'm not sure I wouldn't have held a grudge after such a rude response! But it is a pretty dress, lets hope the company learn from this and put 110% into their customer service in future so that customers can enjoy their purchases.

  6. Love your dip dye :)
    And the dress !
    Sorry to hear about your customer service experience, its sad when one person can give a company a bad name !
    Glad they made it up to you x

  7. I still have it bookmarked since the post lol been a bit put off though to be fair. It looks fab on you xx

  8. Shame about the rudeness, that is such a pretty dress though. Anything with a quirky print is automatically awesome in my opinion!
    Faye x

  9. gorgeous print, it fits you beautifully! shame about the response but glad it got sorted in the end, You have the work luck with clothes :( weren't very useless too? boo x

  10. This dress is lovely, glad they apologised, I was really shocked with that customer service (or lack thereof!)

    Maria xxx

  11. I would like to further apologise to anyone who has been affected by the reponse that Claire received. It is no excuse whatsoever, but the employee involved had recently suffered a very close family bereavement.

    Lady V London is commited to providing customers with quality dresses that are totally unique to us. Our customers are very important to us, and we really appreciate all the lovely comments that we get on a daily basis. We wouldn't be a company at all without you all, and it saddens us greatly that this situation ever occured. We have never had anything like this happen to us before and can assure everyone that it was a one off.

    Victoria, Managing Director of Lady Vintage.

  12. Hair & Dress go together so well

  13. I just tagged you for the Liebster Award if you get time you could check out my blog and pass on the tag! :)

  14. love the hair :)

    I am your newest follower! Also love your post in Donegal, thats where I'm from!
    my blog is
    hope you can follow too!

  15. love this dress! the neckline is class!! also i love when a happy ending comes out of a bad story!!


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