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Dress - Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Topshop via Sparkly Vodka
Necklace - Disney Couture




The autofocus on my camera is still not working (saving for a new one) so the photo of my shoes came out a dud, here's an old one to show why I love them so.

Outfit 19/1/11

Oh boy, I am not good at this blogging thing anymore. Since I last updated I have turned 24. Being a grown up is weird. Anyway, I wanted to share my new favourite dress. From Primark of all places! It makes me feel very 60s, maybe not the shape so much but the print and colours. I saw it on Style Cave in blue and couldn't believe it was Primark. I want the blue one too but it wasn't there in my size, boo. I love these shoes as well but I just cannot walk in them. I'm tempted to stick them on ebay but I love them so much, gah.

This whole outfit makes me feel like I should be in one of my favourite films, Almost Famous. This movie defined 15 year old me, I went to California with my family for 5 weeks and an old portable cd player with just my Simon and Garfunkel cds and this is what reminds me of those days. Sleeping in cabins and driving to Oregon with this music as my soundtrack. I'm determined to own a Stillwater tee some day. If you haven't watched it you really should, it inspired me to steal all of my parents records (sorry parents).

Anyway - until next time! x


  1. You look amazing and that dress print is stunning! Primark need to stop selling stuff I want (curse you cute kitty sweaters). Keep the shoes, for sitting in ;)

  2. Dress looks fab on you (as always) your styling is so peronsal <3 Beautiful necklace! x

  3. I don't blame you for not wanting to part with those shoes! They're super cute!

  4. Omg a stillwater tshirt would be awesome!!! As is that dress.

  5. Love the dress and that bag, hope things have been going well with your cupcake business xoxo

  6. Almost Famous is such a good film, and Penny Lane is a huge style icon! Adore the dress, think I need to pop into Primark before it sells out xxx

  7. the print on that dress is hypnotising. also thanks for following me on instagram. love all your lovely pictures of cakes :) hope I'm not clogging up for newsfeed too much!! xx

  8. Happy turning 24! Love the dress :)
    I featured you and your rainbow cake in my 5 favourite things post =)

  9. Wow, I looovee the dress! Really pretty outfit; I must go to Primark more. And the bag is absolutely gorgeous! (And happy birthday!) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  10. I love the colours, very 60s indeed. Really unusual print too, great Primark find. I will be 25 soon, scary :( x

  11. You look so lovely, you have a gorgeous shape! :) x

  12. You look lovely, very 60s inspired! I love those shoes but I would never be able to walk in them:(

    Maria xxx

  13. Ooh I just discovered your blog and i really like it :) love this dress you are wearing. And Almost Famous is one of my absolute favourite films!!! xx

  14. :O that dressssss, that outfit <3 gorgeous!

  15. Great post - not only is that an amazing outfit (so jealous of the dress, necklace and satchel!) but I love Almost Famous, it's the best film soundtrack! I love listening to America by Simon and Garfunkel and dreaming of my perfect American road trip.

    Btw I was in Belfast a few weeks ago and bought some Lily Pink cupcakes at St Georges Market - they were awesome!

  16. Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies too, it always makes me feel really sad towards the end because I wish I could go back in time and have a similar experience. I love these shoes and Happy belated Birthday!


  17. The whole outfit is gorgeous and the locket is super cute!

  18. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X

  19. I love your dress and necklace :-) x

  20. loving the retro vibe of this dress on you, the colours really suit you! i have to watch Almost Famous this summer and relive my teenage dreamer days a little bit! we too roadtripped it around california and i lived with headphones permanently in my ears!

  21. The dress is so vivid. So colorful and happy. I love it very much. :)
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