Fashionable Flaunt

I don't normally do posts like this, but here I am. There's a competition running on West Coast Cooler NI's facebook (sponsors of Belfast Fashion Week) that's been going on for 4 weeks. Each week has a theme and you have to submit a photo. I made it to the top 10 for a few weeks and now I am in the final 10, to be whittled down to 3 and then a winner chosen. The winner gets £1000, and well you can probably tell from my lack of designer or even new items that this would be more money than I could dream of.

I'm a bit nervous, this voting system reminds me a bit of when I was in school and never being popular! But ah well, I thought go for it and I'd be really happy to be in something like this. I'm not a typical looking fashion type, but I think I know what looks good on me and it's been fun. If you could, I would really really love if you could go and click on my photo and vote for me here! Everyone who votes is also entered into a draw for £100, so it's win win. Voting closes on Sunday night.

Here were my entries for each theme:

Week 1: Pastels


Week 2: Prints

Bye Bye Birdie

Week 3: Accessories


Week 4: Shoes

Harrod's Ruby Slippers.

Again, you can vote HERE just by clicking on my photo (2nd from left along the top) - and if you do I will love you forever (and ever!).


  1. Ooh well done for making it so far, have just given you a sneaky vote Claire! xx

  2. Voted! :) I LOVE the prints dress, so gorgeous! xx

  3. I love the photos you submitted, I voted for you! :D

  4. Well done! :) Love all of your outfits, especially the print one - have voted for you :) xx

  5. I voted :-) us unpopular school girls don't stay forever unpopular! I love those sparkly shoes, very yellow brick road x

    1. Thank you! I love my shoes, they were special editions and I am sure they are a collectors item but I thought it'd be a waste not to wear them! x

  6. I voted for you, best of luck! What cute looks, I love the bird cage necklace and leaf ring, just fabulous. I hope you win!!


  7. Voted :) Absolutely love the first dress!! Perfect for spring :) x

  8. week 1 <33333333333

  9. Dorothy Shoes!!! <3 I just want a pair to click the heels, even though I can't wear heels! I love your outfits as per. You are always super cute! And your rings, I want all of them the owl is adorable :D

  10. Oh I sure hope you win! I absolutely adore the first outfit, all of the colors perfectly compliment one another. You look a bit like a flower in the garden of life ^.^

    Best wishes - fingers crossed you pull away with the win!

    sending you happy spells

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  12. Hi Great blog. Hope you win. Would you like to follow me. Life and times on the rock. Have a great day x

  13. i love your shoes!! i hope you do win!! :)

  14. You have great fashion style! Hope you win!

  15. cute cute cute!

  16. You look amazing, those shoes are DIVINE!

    Maria xxx


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