A month of Instagram: February 2012.

It's that time again! From surveying the last month's photos, I have come to the conclusion that mostly I just eat. Enjoy! x p.s. if you want to follow me on Instagram my username is french4cupcake

Hello Kitty breakfast, being sleepy, Hunger Games books, xboxin, rainbow cake crumbs, fifteens, baking croissants in work.

My beloved sale find Topshop flats, Beau xoxo bow, amazingly tacky Primark jumper, an amazing EP from one of my favourite bands.

M&S Mararons, my gorgeous little sister off to her formal (prom), more macaron goodness, sister came over for me to practice her make up and we had so much food and watched The Inbetweeners.

My niece and Molly being adorable, off to work, eye make up, Vintage Tea Party book and more make up fun.

Sponge cake with lemon buttercream and lemon drizzle icing

One of my favourite quotes, Inka the great dane having a snooze, cupcakes, lemon cake, M&S chocolate honeycomb rabbit and more cupcakey goodness for an order.

An amazing parcel from my friend Vanina, waited for these shoes for a month and they sent the wrong ones >_< I hate ankle straps on me, a sweet little purse from the parcel.

Some wonderful bowls sent to me to review (coming up in the next post!), sorting my colourings, stealing my sister's hat, Primark dress, childish food.

Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes, doilies from Poundland, my healthy fridge, print on my Primark dress, my bestie's lovely bag.

Topshop looking snazzy, Lucky Charms in my unicorn cup, pudding mix that cost me £5 (could cry, thought it was a bigger box) so I can replicate Magnolia Bakery's amazing banana pudding, yummy Snapple.

Some reading, Pancake Tuesday, Boots purchases, loveheart, the bird I have tattooed on my wrist, we have plastic £5 notes here.

My things, cute ice cream, my old trusty jumper from 2nd year uni, dad and Inka, Molly being a cutie.

Some new cake stands, what happens when you leave a 3 year old with tomato soup for 2 minutes, Pink lilies, burrito, what I call my fat bastard chicken dinner that I made for my sister, roulade at Avoca.

I was in the paper earlier this month :), frilly bits, my plate, bubblegum icecream (my fav).

Found this old school report from when I was 8, baked cinnamon swirls in work, tried Katie Cakes cookie recipe (they were amazing).

Some nail art I did.

Visiting a candy factory with the business course I am on!

I have a new baby niece :)

And the most exciting for last, this morning my sister finally gave birth after being induced (10 days late), and now I have a new baby niece! Jaime will love being a big sister :) and a little leap year baby, how special. She hasn't got a name yet, but she is beautiful.


  1. Lovely lovely instagram photos...and the candy and cakes are making me hungry :9

  2. I love your instagram posts, they are always amazing! Filled with cupcakes, glittery nails and lovely make-up <3


  3. Aww! A baby niece, how wonderful! Congrats! :D That white cake stand is lovely, where did you buy it from? :) x

  4. You have the most amazing Instagram posts... yours are so colourful and interesting! Love each little description too.
    Huge congratulations on your new little niece x

  5. Need the Hello Kitty egg cups! Too cute! x

  6. What?! 5 pounds for the jello?! Oh my and it's so cheap in the states. It is tasty though.

  7. Great pictures, I love the eggcups, shoes, nails & all the cakes!

    Catherine, XO.

  8. Looking at your photos makes me so happy! So colourful and lots of food, yum :)

    Liz xxx

  9. Love the shoes, even if you don't ;0) I've been eyeing them up but they don't run to my size, can I ask (hope) that they come up big!?!

    1. well those ones are cheeky fakes I bought but they do come up really big actually. Mine are a 38 I imagine those are too small for you? Just I will probably sell them! x

    2. Thanks for reply. Cheeky fakes will suit me better, as the real deal are too high to my dodgy feet! I'm usually a 40/41, so wondering if I could manage the largest 39 they do?!? Sorry I can't buy yours, I'm sure you'd manage to sell them on though...

  10. Oh I love croissants, they are so goood, there is a grocery store near here that sells almond croissants and I about die of happiness anytime I eat them. I'm an XBOX girl myself, well and a playstation girl but we had the xbox first. I love the purple tights and your sister is absolutely stunning, I hope she had fun at her formal! All the sweets look soooo good, this post is making me extremely hungry. Congrats on being in the paper, how exciting, and speaking of congrats - congrats on being an Aunt!


  11. Wow so many lovely photos. Your niece and dog are the cutest!

  12. Love this blog post, you must have taken so much time over it! The sparkly cupcakes are adorable... and those Oreo snowmen things look immense! Were they on sale here in the UK?!

    Please check out our blog at fashionwaffle.blogspot.com!

    Charlotte :-)

  13. i love your blog ist is absolutly beautiful!!!


  14. Yay I spot my bow! Thank you sweety! xoxo

  15. How much did I love this post? Really sums you up as the creative genius you are. Hence why I love you! xx


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