Messy Road Trip to Derry

So as I mentioned before my good friend and fellow blogger MessyCarla was visiting Northern Ireland for a few days this week. I've known Carla for many, many years (through the ye olde land of Livejournal) and she came and stayed with me before in 2010.


We took a road trip to Derry/Londonderry yesterday with her lovely friends and my friend Sarah, and it was really fun as I've never been there before (shame!). I didn't take many photos because 1. it was bloody FREEZING and I couldn't be bothered, its -1 today, and 2. My camera is pretty much broken, or at least the focus on the lens is so I got annoyed with it too much to take many.


Started the day with an Ulster fry, that's basically a normal fry but with soda and potato bread (my fav).



Pretty views on the way there.




Sarah's hair, which I am jealous of.


The part of the city where Bloody Sunday took place. It was interesting trying to explain the Troubles to Carla and her Geordie friends, but I think Sarah and I did okay?



Walking around the walls which surround part of the city, we took a guided tour. Our tour guide was very Irish and funny and got into an argument with the other tour company man and it was like something from Father Ted.


IMG_8748 IMG_8750


Drinks! Girls!



My new iphone cover in all the tack splendour. It's from Accessorize.


Had to take a photo of this as it's my surname, and spelled right for once! I had loads of fun with Carla and her friends, and a visit to Newcastle is in order soon!


  1. Lovely photos! I've never been to Northern Ireland, but I really want to go. x

  2. I love you guys both so much and this looks fab!

    Maria xxx

  3. lol I actually haven't been in Sandino's for aaaaaages!

  4. It looks like you both had a great time, that fry up is making me so hungry now! xoxo

  5. I love Father Ted! I can only imagine that the argument must've been hilarious!!
    I hope you had a lovely time c: xx

  6. OMG the argument was so funny "I WAS HERE FIRST, COULD YOU BE QUIET PLEASE?!!!" :D It reminded me of the bit in Father Ted with the caves.

    Mannn I look a bit of a mess (IRONIC) in these can tell I'd been wearing a hat in the first picture ewwww haha!

    Miss you already, twin! :) xxxx

  7. I have never been to NI! shocking, realyl need to plan a trip and find out more about the history at some point. Looks lovely!

  8. Looks like you had a great time :) Also, good Kopparberg choice, that's the best flavour! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  9. hmm I really want some potato bread now! I have always wondered what ulster fry is, for ages I was convinced it had something to do with white pudding and/or tripe haha.

  10. Everything so pretty!

  11. Oh I remember the ye ol' livejournal days, I still have a lj and read through some of the communities but I never use my actual journal anymore. The breakfast food looks soooo good, I've been craving bacon, eggs, and toast like a crazed person. I love the pictures, I hope to travel to Ireland one day, hopefully whilst I'm there some tour guides will get in a fight so I can watch with wide eyes.


  12. Hahaha! DRINK FECK ARSE GIRLS. I miss Father Ted! I love your photos, it certainly does look like you're in an episode of Father Ted :)

  13. I've been downgraded from best friend to friend, per this post & the last one.
    My face, oh dear. I'm far more attractive in the photo of the back of my head. Think I'll just pose with my back to the camera from now on.

  14. Love the photos Claire! And I'm so glad you enjoyed Derry!! :)
    Next stop - Omagh and Enniskillen!! :)

  15. I visited Derry on my first trip away from Oz at 18!
    It was an absolutely amazing place and i loved the museum.
    You should definitely visit if you go back again.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  16. I've never visited Derry! I really should - part of history really! Hiding face in shame.....xo


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