A month of Instagram: January 2012.

I have vanished a bit from blogging haven't I? Thank goodness for Instagram really, I can hardly be bothered luggung my DSLR around with me most days so it's nice to have these little snapshots of my favourite things to share with you. Expect a fun post soon, because tonight I hung out with MessyCarla again and tomorrow we are taking a road trip! Can't wait, she's lovely and definitely my favourite Geordie!

January was definitely a trying month, and I'm glad to see the back of it but I had some really fun times with people I love, and a lot of cocktails!


That kid in the middle is me, natural blonde! Can't stay away from my black dye though!


  1. Love all these photos. x


  2. Love the photos! You are so creative with your nails!! :) x

  3. I have proper envy for nearly everything you have photographed here. Instagram always makes life look so pretty :) I must download it! xo P.S. where is your iPhone cover from? It's amazeballs ;)

    1. Thank you lovely! It's from Accessorize, I got it on Friday :) x

  4. I love your photos - looks like you've had a brilliant month! x

  5. I love it when you post a picture blog post! Cheers me right up lol x

  6. I love the pictures, those arrow earrings are so awesome. Where did you get them? Ooh, I've seen this 'Vintage Tea Party' book mentioned on a few blogs and am intrigued more and more every time I see someone mention it, I must add it to my amazon wishlist. Yay for road trips, they are the best, oh and also natural blondes - I'm a natural blondie myself although I deny it with red hair dye. You look pretty and safe travels on your road trip!


  7. Pretty Instagrams <3


  8. So many pictures of awesome goodies and treats. I love that red Barrry M polish,iIt's one of my favourites! OMGSH! Tiffin diary milk?! I must have it! *0*

  9. You + Carla = A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! <3

    Maria xxx

  10. Too many gorgeous things there. I'm so excited for new GoT but it is still aaaaages away, I need some Jon Snow on my screen right now. Tiffin Dairy Milk? they have Rocky Road flavour in New Zealand, yum!

  11. I'm so glad you're reading A Game of Thrones - I haven't seen the series yet but I adore the books. I'm looking forward to March when the first series comes out on DVD! I've just finished part two of A Storm of Swords, I've got the fourth book lined up next. Anyway, too much fangirling there.

    Btw, I'm following you on Instagram too - I love your photos :)

    - Liz (@destinyischoice)

  12. yr photos are all so nice ! I would like to ask what apps are you using to take them ?


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