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I was pretty chuffed to see a little mention of my blog in The Irish News today, and I thought since I have acquired some new readers that I'd finally do an FAQ of sorts. I get asked a lot of the same questions a lot so hopefully this will introduce my new readers to what my blog is about, and answer a few questions from you old timers :)

Mention in the Irish News

I've focused mainly on the fashion side of my blog here, so I've filled it with some of my favourite outfits from over the years. I will do a baking FAQ soon :) x

Outfit silliness. Outfit 4/3/10.

Outfit 13/4/10. Alice in wonderland outfit.

What age are you?
I’m 23 years old.

Where do you live?
Belfast, Northern Ireland. Although we are on the island of Ireland we are part of the UK – so most of the shops I buy from are typical UK high street shops.

What is your dress size and how tall are you?
UK 16/18. It really depends on the shop! I’m 5”1 (and a half).

What does body positive mean and why do you identify your blog as a body positive blog?
As far as I see it being body positive is pretty simply not being critical of yours or anyone else's body. It's avoiding terms like "real women" (absolute nonsense term) and realizing that every body is real and every person has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin and dictate what they will wear and how they feel about their body. I don't care for fashion rules, I will wear stripes if I want to wear stripes and if Gok Wan tries to tell me I shouldn't well he can get lost to be quite honest.

Where do you usually shop?
I live on a tight budget so it’s all UK high street for me really. I buy most of my clothes from New Look, Primark, River Island, ASOS etc. I love Topshop but they only go to a 16 (something I take issue with) so it depends on what the fit of the item is like. I buy most of my jewellery from Topshop and online.

Outfit 30/9/10.
. Outfit 19/10/10.

What did you study and where?
I have a BA Hons degree in Film Studies with a Minor in Sociology, and I just graduated from my Masters degree in Film & Visual studies both at Queen’s University Belfast. My writing was focused on gender and sexuality in film. My BA dissertation was on representations of women in films with female directors, focusing on Sofia Coppola and Jane Campion. My MA dissertation was on the representation of sexual violence in film, with an extensive focus on the films of Lars von Trier.

Where do you work?
I work in a supermarket, a job I took up when I started Uni. I’m currently working with Belfast City Council in a business programme to get my baking company up and started. I bake for friends and family and occasionally for parties and weddings, but I’m in the process of getting all of my legal certificates and getting a website going. I have to have my business plan submitted by March 2012. I’m excited!

Do you earn a lot of money?
No, definitely not. I have always worked through university but only part time as it was really important for me to work and do well in my studies. My BA degree was paid for with student loans but you can’t get a loan for an MA so once fees were paid I had nothing to live off but my part time job as you don’t get a maintenance loan. I just finished a few months of unpaid work and the rest of my income is made up with my cake orders. I hope I’m some sort of proof that you don’t need to be loaded to run a decent blog, you don’t need new things every day to blog about. And remember, ebay is your friend.

Outfit 19/1/11 I'm a graduate!

Birthday OOTD OOTD 23/8/11

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 1000D. I don’t claim to have any photographic expertise, I just know my camera and I know what I like.

What do you use to edit your photos?
Photoshop and Picnik.

How did you get followers on your blog?
It didn’t happen overnight, I’ve been blogging for 3 years on blogger and 10 on livejournal before that. You can’t expect to start a blog and get followers right away. The blogging community is just that, a community – and the best way to gain readers is to interact with other bloggers. Be active, read lots of blogs and comment, tweet, get to know people. Help other bloggers out, and don’t see anyone as competition. I’ve made a lot of friends through blogging, and that’s one of the most important aspects for me.

Do you make money or get a lot of free stuff through blogging?
I’ve never made money from blogging. I occasionally get offered items for free to review but I turn most of them down because I don’t want to recommend something I wouldn’t pay for or think is overpriced, or if it’s something I don’t believe in. You wouldn’t believe the amount of companies who ask me to accept clothes to review that don’t go above a size 14. That’s just not going to happen. I won’t endorse a company that I or my readers couldn’t buy from.

Hopefully this answered a few questions, hello to my new readers! I hope you like it here.


  1. I have the Canon 1000D too, it's my best friend! I took A Level photography so luckily I got my parents to buy it for me. I just love the click sound every time you take a picture :) do you have an extras for it? Like lens' or anything? I'd really like one of those fancy remotes that lets you take better self-portraits, self-timer is a bitch sometimes! xx

    1. I got one of those remotes from ebay for £3! They're not as expensive as Jessops etc make them out to be sometimes! x

  2. Good luck with your new business venture! I saw you talking about it on Twitter but didn't want to be nosey!! I'm sure you'll do amazingly well, your cakes always look so good! xx

  3. I'm so excited for your baking business! I love it when people go for what they love! x Gutted, though, because I don't live anywhere near the UK! Unless you're accepting deliveries to far away places, then well... heh.

  4. Totally agree with you about being body positive <3
    I wish you all the best for your new cupcake business, if I ever pop over to Belfast you can expect custom from me xoxo

  5. If your cupcakes look anything like the X-Men ones you showed then I don't think you'll have a problem selling them, delicious! Good luck with it! :)


  6. LOVE how you wore sparkly shoes for your graduation!

  7. This was a great post! :) Good Luck with your business! x

  8. Such a lovely post. Super excited about the baking business!! Lots of luck to you lady xx

  9. Congrats on the mention and best of luck with the business! You have such a collection of great outfits and pieces. I find it a relief to read blogs of people who don't have a ton of money but still manage to be stylish and original since I'm on quite a tight budget myself. Thanks for the blogging tips, you are so lovely!


  10. Hi :) I love reading FAQ blogs :) Congrats on being featured in the paper x

  11. I think you a huge inspiration for us N.I bloggers ^U^ ... all the best with the cupcake business, ever get a wee shop i'll definitely visit ! Congratulations on the feature !!! xo

  12. I love this post! You're outfits are amazing!

  13. You look super duper cute in the 4th from last picture! And good luck with the baking in 2012! I'll always stand by the fact that one of my biggest regrets was declining a cupcake from you at the Tori gig in Dublin 2010 ;)

  14. I'm still so in love with that dark green dress, even however many months on since you first posted it! I think I'll be trawling ebay for it for the rest of my days! *WANT*
    P.S- good baking vibes for the new year!(and the rest of it!)

  15. good luck with business baking! i love all your outfit posts, i remember first looking at blogs ( yours being one of the first) & being like yeah that ones straight in the bookmarks! x

  16. *stands and applauds* you are bound to do well with that attitude(especially with the gorgeous cakes you make) and I really wish you all the best :D

    Maria xxx

    P.S. You look gorgeous in these pictures!


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