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This will be a long post, so warning in advance! This post has been months in planning. I was corresponding with since October to do a review of this Holly Willoughby dress. It apparently was sent out to me, but got lost. Then they were sending another but it never arrived, and then it was out of stock and I was waiting to hear back from them (and still am). This went on for about two and a half months. The PR people I dealt with were very nice but it's a bit frustrating to try to plan posts and be making sure you are home for deliveries and then for nothing to show up, and to have to email again and again for so long. I wanted to wear the dress to my work Christmas party, so when it suddenly appeared back in stock in my size earlier this month I just caved and bought it myself.

I honestly have to say ordering from Very was one of the worst experiences I have ever had from any company. I ordered the dress on a Saturday afternoon a full week before I needed it for the party. The delivery day was Tuesday. Tuesday came and went, no dress. Wednesday, no dress...and this continued. I manged to get a reply from Very on the Thursday to tell me my dress had been lost and I would be refunded (also they would refund my postage as an act of 'good will', no, you'll refund me because you didn't deliver the service I paid for thanks, if a company want to annoy me any more than they already have this is how to do it). They suggested reordering and paying for next day delivery so I would have it in time for the party on Saturday. Well, two problems there, it's out of stock again and refunds take days and sometimes a week and I didn't have another load of cash to drop on a new dress.

I was still desperate to find the missing parcel so Very said they'd contact the courier, and then the next day it was found. This was Friday morning (the tracking was updated to say it was waiting to be dispatched to my local depot) so I was hopeful I would have it in time for Saturday. by the evening, still no dispatch. Saturday, still nothing. So I was left out of pocket and without the dress. It did eventually show up, over a week after I ordered it and no use at all to be honest.

Really, I can gladly say I will never order from Very again and I would encourage my readers to avoid it as well. I did some googling and it seems they are a bit of a nightmare, parcels going missing everywhere. Fair enough, this may be the courier but as a business they are responsible for providing a decent courier and it's not like the postage is particularly cheap.

Another part of the Very experience I would warn you against is signing up for an account, I almost applied for their credit account without even realising it. One more click and I would have applied for £1000 worth of credit, but no there's a big blank space so it looks like that's the end of the page and if you scroll right down to the bottom there's the button for paying with your debit card. This reminded me of something Ryan Air would do, and it drives me nuts. So if you do order from Very, be wary of this.

The dress itself was a bit of a let down, it was £65, so definitely not cheap. It does feel a little cheap as the velvet is very coarse. It also runs quite big, so I would size down in future. It's a really pretty colour and the collar is lovely, but the shape is a bit dowdy and I will probably stick it on ebay. 16 is back in stock so I would normally try to exchange, but the thought of sending it off and dealing with Very again makes me tired to even think about. I ended up wearing this dress to the party by the way!

I did let Very know that I would be going ahead with this review, and if they respond with anything I'll be sure to let you know!


In happier news, look at my Christmas nails! I used Barry M polish, one of the new Topshop nail pens and some red rimmel polish for the candy canes. I'm feeling a bit sick today, so I'm resting in preparation for the amazing feast I know my mum will prepare tomorrow. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


  1. You go gurl, I love an honest review, shame Very couldn't deliver the goods literally or figuratively. The dress looks gorgeous, but it shouldn't be this hard.

  2. You go gurl, I love an honest review, shame Very couldn't deliver the goods literally or figuratively. The dress looks gorgeous, but it shouldn't be this hard.

  3. That's pretty terrible, I'm kinda glad I've never ordered anything.. and pretty inclined not to! I've also heard of a lot of people having problems with missing parcels, and you're totally right, it's their responsibility to make sure their couriers are efficient and actually DELIVER their stuff!
    Still, I think the dress really suits you! The colour looks lovely :)

    Have a lovely christmas!
    Kyrie x

  4. Love how it says next to dress on the website "Take 3 and pay £21.67 for 3 months and no interest" Why would you want three of the same dress?!

    But you look lovely :) xx

  5. sounds like a terrible experience! but you look quite cute in the dress, at least!

  6. Ahh, that's such a shame you had a bad experience. I've ordered a few things from Very for christmas and they came next day despite me not paying for next day delivery.

    I think the dress looks lovely on you!

    Katie xox

  7. It's such a nice dress but such a shame about the very poor customer service. I really appreciate your honest review of them and really hope they take on board everything you've said and improve their service, I doubt very much I'll be making an order with them any time soon...

    Hope you have a great Christmas xoxo

  8. Oh dear! That must have bern so frustrating :( I'm actually write interested to seee what very have to say.... Keep us updated! Xo

  9. how cute are your nails!!! amazing!

    Merry Christmas :)

  10. I order all the time from Very/Littlewoods, I find them pretty good, but their couriers are diabolical! I've given up bothering the worry about when things arrive, I usually expect things about a week or so after ordering. Luckily I have a neighbour who is always in & takes my deliveries, would be a pain otherwise!

  11. I have always been wary of ordering from Very because I have heard so many horror stories! I do like this dark green on you though :)

    Maria xxx

  12. How incredibly frustrating! You look lovely in the dress but I doubt it was worth the fuss. Love your nails! :)


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