Baby it's cold outside...

I don't think I've written a post on here in ages that hasn't included glitter. And what of it? It's Christmas! The only time of the year where it's totally acceptable to dust it over everything (that's basically every day for me, but yeah for other people maybe not so much). Today was my last day in the lovely QFT office, and if you need any proof of how fabulous my boss is look no further than my leaving present. I have been searching high and low for this record! And then it was too late to order and wouldn't be here in time for Christmas, then as if by magic it appeared on my desk today. So I had a lovely evening wrapping presents and listening to Zooey and M.Ward. P.S. Just check out that amazing red vinyl!




As well as that, I delivered the many many cupcakes I baked for the last of the Christmas orders and most excitingly I collected my brother, his wife and their 6 month old baby Finnegan from the airport. I haven't seen them in two years! Christmas day will be brilliant, Finnegan is adorable and expect to see many photos of the little cutie on here.




Anyway, I'm returning to my Candy Cane eating now, I'll leave you with some seasonal She & Him.





  1. i have never seen cup cakes with glitter sooo pretty

  2. Wow those Cupcakes look amazing - also I love the Him and Her Christmassy songs! :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Such amazing cupcakes! Have a brilliant xmas lady x

  4. Hello! just saying hi as another NI blogger! Loving your wee blog, so cute! x

  5. You are making me feel all festive (and hungry, haha!)

    Maria xxx

  6. So Christmassy :)

    Please checkk out my blog..
    I'm so new to it and it doesn't look anywhere near as good as yours but its a start I guess :)

  7. that's an amazing gift, i'm loving this album and red vinyl..woahhh! Your tree looks so pretty and I can't believe you make these cupcakes, they are so beautiful. Enjoy Christmas with your little nephew! xox


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