Guest post: Picnic with the Birds.

Absolutely delighted to be guest posting on Claire's blog. My own blog has daily posts of curious & unusual homewares. So in keeping with Claire's love of birds & baking, I've found some bits and bobs for a picnic with the birdies.
All of these items can be found on ebay by searching for 'kitsch birds'. The tea cups have been reused as bird feeders for the garden. I'm going to have to steal this idea for my own house.
photo 1 photo 2
photo 4 photo 5
photo 3


  1. Love the teapot and the thermos flask :)

  2. I love the teapot! Lovely! The idea of reusing tea cups as bird feeders if great. I think I'll copy it! :)



    This video all I could think of while reading this, but they are adorable (I love the thermos)!


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