Bad Passion


When Jackie of This Charming Girl announced a few months back on twitter that she was starting a new jewellery company I knew it would be something to get excited about! So at the beginning of October, Bad Passion was opened and it did not disappoint. I intended to wait until pay day to treat myself but I couldn't wait that long and before I could stop myself I had clicked a few buttons and this wondrous creature was on its way to me! Check out this baby! Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I love mad, insane and most importantly - tacky, jewellery! The bigger and weirder the better.




The necklace is seriously heavy duty and really sharp - it could do some real damage! Anyway, I love it and you should definitely check out Bad Passion. And if it's all a bit too hardcore for you, there's always the delightful sister site This Charming Girl.

Nails were done by myself with a Models Own nail pen, the polish is Models Own Goldfinger.

Apologies for not having more outfit posts lately, it's too dark to take photos by the time I get home as you can see from the photo below! I do have a very exciting parcel on the way to me and a special post built around it which I can't wait to share, and a Halloween post coming up. Thanks for reading! x


Dress - Primark
Bag - River Island
Tights - Matalan
Shoes - Topshop


  1. Love.It. jackie can do no wrong in my eyes!

  2. Wow that necklace is fantastic. Really stands out from a lot of other necklaces. Gorgeous nails too xx

  3. wow it's amazing , great nails too :) xo

  4. i love my eagle claw and i love bad passion!

  5. Love that necklace and your outfit it makes me miss my Wednesday Adams dress, I'll have to get a new one soon xoxo

  6. That claw necklace is really bad ass. Love the way you did your nails too, I couldn't do that, I suck at doing nail art.

    I looove your dress and the bright orange tights, you look so pretty.


  7. Love those nails! They look really cool x

  8. Adore that necklace, it looks like it could do some damage! Also I really like the photo taken in the dark, I've been thinking they'd look cool for a while now and you have proved me right! Does feel a bit weird snapping away in a dark garden though!


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