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So I have to apologise for being a bit absent in the last week. I do have a good excuse though! Today I handed in my MA dissertation. It's consumed my life for the best part of the last 12 months, so it's a huge relief to have it printed, bound and dropped into the submission box. I don't know what to do with myself now! The thought that I might never again write an academic essay is slightly terrifying to me if I'm honest.


I had plans of dressing up and looking fancy for afternoon tea but getting ready time lost out to sleep.

Top - New Look
Jeans - Evans
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - H&M
Scarf - New Look

I have only had two hours sleep in the last 2 days so please excuse this entry if it is a bit lacking in decent grammar. I have a lot to carry on with though, no slacking for me yet. I'm on a panel planning a Film Festival in Belfast so I have plenty to do there (we are going on a tour of the Game of Thrones set next month!) and on Monday I start my placement as Marketing assistant at the local art house cinema here in Belfast. I'm really excited though, and I can't complain about being too busy as I am off to Japan at the end of next week.



So today I went and handed in my dissertation and thought that was some cause for celebration. I decided instead of spending lots of money on going out drinking and taxis when I really don't have the energy, that it might be nice to go for Afternoon Tea at the Merchant Hotel with my best friend Sarah Kane. It was such a treat, I could get used to the luxury! The Merchant is a beautiful 5* Hotel, there's a hot tub on the roof! It's so beautiful. I've been for cocktails there before (my favorite cocktail ever is a White Russian) but this was my first time there for afternoon tea.




IMG_5861 IMG_5857






I would definitely recommend afternoon tea at The Merchant if you're in Belfast! It was £19 (£10 more if you wanted champagne), the staff were just amazing and the food was wonderful. We filled ourselves up and still had things left to take home! As well as that it was made even more special for me as the chef sent out a complimentary cake for me, I must have been gushing loudly about my hand in! It was such a lovely thing to do, it made my day (and tasted delicious). Now, I sleep!



  1. Congrats on getting it all finished and handed in! I just started the first week of my masters yesterday and can honestly say I'm a tad scared already lol
    The Merchant looks lovely, must take my friend there when she finishes her masters though tbh we'd probably end up in Madisons, again :D

  2. Oh gosh that afternoon tea looks delicious CONGRATULATIONS you must feel a huge weight lifted off you now your dissertation is done :)

    and what's this about a Game of Thrones set tour, LUCKY YOU!!! I'm so obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment so I'm totally jealous you get to see where they film it, I would love to go visit The Wall even if it is all CG lol xoxo

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! You must be so relieved! This looks lovely though the perfect treat :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Huge congrats on completing your dissertation Claire (: Your outfit is gorgeous too, the scarf and blouse are pretty. So jealous of your afternoon tea, it looks amazing. Hope you have a lovely time in Japan, you definitely deserve to! xx

  5. Congrats! Nothing like the relief of finally handing in a dissertation.

    Afternoon tea sounds like the perfect way to celebrate actually. Comfy seat and good food. It was so cute of the chef to send out your mini cake!

  6. Congrats!! Must be such a relief to hand that in :) I wish I could find a place that did afternoon tea like that here :) it looks so yummy!



  7. Congratulations on finishing/handing in your dissertation! The title sounds very interesting :) Love your outfit, and going for afternoon tea sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! Very jealous of your tour of the game of thrones set, can't wait to hear about that :) x

  8. Congratulations on completing your dissertation! Did you get to talk lots about Charlotte Gainsbourgs clit-cutting? :P
    Lovely macaroons mmm.

  9. Congrats on finishing it!!
    And The Merchant looks lovely, and so nice of them to bring out a cake for you! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  10. Yay congrats!

    I totally know that feeling. Real weight off your mind. The Merchant is always gorge, I love their cocktails also, I've spent more than one birthday there!


  11. What a fabulous post, congrats on the completion of the dissertation! I really like your outfit, the color of the top and the print of the scarf is great. Game of Thrones set tour? Omg, I'm so jealous. Will you be able to take pictures?

    The Merchant looks like such a posh place. I love going for afternoon tea, the little pastries are super cute.


  12. Guuhhh these pictures are so absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for sharing :3

  13. Congratulations, what an amazing achievement!

  14. Congratulations on your dissertation! :) That tea looks lovely!

    www.charchiccc.blogspot.com x

  15. Congratulations, must be a huge relief for you! :) Those sweets all look "almost" as yummy as your cupcakes! ;)

  16. that is such a lovely outfit, doesnt look at all rushed to me! nice to see you in jeans for a change too. And my goodness what a platter!


  17. congrats on finishing your dissertation, can't imagine all the hard work that must've gone into it compared to a BA one! mmm that afternoon tea looks divine, especially the colourful macarons. i bet the game of thrones set is immense, i'm so jealous that you get to see it! xx

  18. Major congrats on getting your dissertation done!:D
    That afternoon tea looks scrumptious! *_* It was so lovely they gave you a complimentary cake! <3

  19. wow! that afternoon tea looks wonderful :)
    So jealous of your GoT tour! Send my love to Jon Snow if you see him, I'm rather obsessed.
    Congrats on getting your dissertation handed in, I work in a Uni library and everyone is coming in to print them off this week.

  20. Congratulations on handing in you diss - I'm two weeks away from handing in mine so I completely sympathise on the old 'lack of sleep' front! xx

  21. I am happy that you have finally submitted it. Please tell me about the results. Belfast Cinema.


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