Guest post: Handmade Brooch Tutorial

Hello readers of French for Cupcake!

My name is Kerry and I write over at A Small Scoop where I blog about things that inspire me and document my own work and interests. It’s also an ongoing personal project to motivate myself to be more creative and expressive - whether it’s taking photographs or illustrating or even baking! For my guest post I’ve decided to write a tutorial, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Over the years I’ve built up quite the collection of jewellery, and during a recent clean-out I decided to make use of all those old earrings, bracelets, and necklaces I no longer get any more wear out of. Inspired by my love of brooches and this image I decided to create a little DIY version.

Image from the J.Crew 2010 Lookbook.

- Use the pliers to carefully remove the charms from the chain or clasp

- Once you have selected which charms you’d like to use, line them up in the order you want to arrange them in and make sure the length corresponds to the length of your safety pin (otherwise it won’t all fit!). Play around with the order until you’re happy with how it looks.

- Start putting the charms onto the safety pin. You can use the pliers, or if it fits, just weave it through the safety pin loop.

- Use beads in-between the charms to help hold everything in place.

- Keep going…

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can start experimenting some more. It’s a great way to recycle jewellery, especially odd earrings which are missing the other pair or all those old bracelets from your teen years which you have slightly outgrown! There’s so much you can add on for more elaborate designs – buttons, ribbons, fabric, etc! They also make a great idea for a gift :)

Before I end the post I’d like to thank the wonderful Claire for giving me the opportunity to guest blog here. I hope this tutorial gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own creative projects. If you make one do send me a picture, I’d love to see how they came out!


  1. Wow, I love this! Definitely going to be making my own with some of my old jewellery! :) xoxo

  2. Great idea. I shall get my youngest to make a few for her mates for Christmas.

    X x

  3. This is such a cute idea, love it xoxo

  4. Oooh great post! A good task for a Sunday afternoon! xxx

  5. That's so neat!!! I love this post! I'd wear that! If only I could round up the tools I need for this project!

  6. This is so cute! I have a bag of about a thousand odd earrings that I just didn't know what to do with...



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