The age of Princesses and Pirate ships...




Today my little niece Jaime turned three. I can't believe she's three already! I made her cakes for her 1st and 2nd birthday and so it seemed tradition to make the 3rd as well. The only request was that it was pink - no problem there!

Happy Birthday Jaime

Jaime's birthday cake


This is the recipe I used for a simple sponge cake. It was delicious, very moist and only three eggs needed. It was really simple to make, you honestly couldn't go wrong with it. I just changed it to decorate it with buttercream instead of fresh cream.





We had a great day. I love being an Auntie. I also have a little nephew called Finnegan who was born in June. My brother and his wife live in Canada so I have to wait until Christmas to see him but I can't wait! Jaime had a wonderful day.







I got Jaime the sparkly dragon, I kind of wanted to keep it! And the helmet, I was impressed with my new pink helmet for roller derby but that unicorn one is amazing! Hope you enjoyed reading, and give the cake a go!


  1. Such an adorable post Claire! Jaime is so cute, I love her outfit haha (: The cakes look v. good as well ;)

  2. That is the most amazing helmet, I am quite jealous! My first helmet for my bike was so dull in comparison!

  3. That Helmet is amazing - I would of loved rocking that back in the 80s when My Little Pony Lovin was in full affect (God I sound Old) Loving the cakes too XxXx Catherine

  4. It's ridiculous how jealous I am of that helmet!
    She's a very lucky girl!

    Sara xx

  5. OH MY GOD! I have to have that unicorn helmet!
    She is so cute Claire, love her expressions when opening her presents lol

  6. Your niece is the cutest! Just look at how excited she is in those photos.... awww! Your cakes are all great too, love the matching candles with the Cinderella statue :) x

  7. Omg! She is adorable! That photo of her surprised face is hilarious and amazing! That cake is incredible too!
    Do they make those helmets for adults??

  8. Bless her little face, she looks so happy! A little cutie pie! x

  9. Ohh what a lovely cake, and I love the selection of cook books you have!
    Your niece is so cute, and she has such amazing eyes! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  10. Happy Birthday to your niece! That helmet is AMAZING!:O <3

  11. Awwh she looks so happy! So adorable!

    The cakes look amazing! xx

  12. aaw look how happy she was :) lovely photos x

  13. She is ridiculously adorable, that frosting looks so nom-nom-nom and what cute pictures. Happy belated Birthday to your niece :)


  14. She is far too adorable! And she looks so happy with her cake :)

    Maria xxx

  15. Wow she is so so adorable - what a babe.

    Helen, X

  16. where did you buy your weighing scales? the pink one

  17. awww, your niece is so lucky to have an aunt who can bake amazing cakes like these!

    p.s. i am also jealous of your recipe book collection! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  18. Ahh her glee when she's opening her gifts is so adorable!

    & wow, that's a sparkly cake! So pretty!

  19. Claireeeeee will you make me a birthday cake?? You're the best aunt ever! I love how different each cake is!

  20. Ahhhh I already said it on faceyb, but i love these photos so much! Also that hat is amazing, where is it from? i think I would get jumped riding my bike with it on - I have pink tyres and pink handles pbars and thats pushing it, but ya know, its the cutest thing ever, perhaps my little sister could rock it!x

  21. oh my gosh you are a bloody amazing aunt! my niece is about the same age and i know she would have LOVED a pink dragon and a glittery pink birthday cake for her birthday! so so cute, i think i might take note and attempt to bake next year - except i seem to have a growing collection of nieces and nephews im not sure it would be feasible. mmm maybe ill just stick to eating cake instead!


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