That Sweet Smelling Blackberry Stone.

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Dress - Topshop
Shoes - River Island
Necklace - Accessorize
Ring - Topshop

I'm back at my parent's house for a weekend so I finally had the chance to get my sister to take some photos. I need to find the bit for my tripod so that I don't always have to rely on her! My outfits have been pretty boring lately as I am working all the time and also I am saving for my trip to Japan in September so there's not much in the way of pretty new clothes. I got this dress from Topshop which is odd for me since I never ever wear white or cream because I always feel like it is see through and everyone can see my bits, because all my underwear is black or not sensible colours and because I spill everything. I need a bib. I like this though, so hopefully it'll last!


So just a quick outfit post tonight! As well as two things I am excited about.

1. I have a little newphew! My brother's wife gave birth to him at the end of June. They live in Canada, so I can't see him until they come home at Christmas but I am admiring him from photos right now. He is their first baby, and was born at home on a shower curtain since the hospitals were all full! His name is Finnegan and he is adorable.

2. Laura Marling has announced the name of her new album and I am very, very excited. So to celebrate, have a song and be excited for A Creature I do not Know. Oh how I love her.


  1. The outfit is gorgeous! I want the shoes! :) Congrats to your brother. Thats crazy news about the whereabouts of his birth, but it will be a good story to tell people :) x

  2. I love love love your dress and your shoes are too adorable!

  3. CUTE dress! I love it=D

  4. Ooh I love that dress! I usually avoid white clothes for the same reasons as you, but there's loads of lovely light coloured clothes around at the moment so I'm trying to step away from the black for the summer!

  5. I love your dress, you look gorgeous!

  6. That ring is gorgeous and so is the rest of the outfit. Love it.

  7. That dress is lovely! I avoid white colours as well due to my pale skin as it matches!

  8. Laaaaavely dress! And your eyebrows are looking gorgeous!

  9. You look lovely, that dress is gorgeous! Congratulations on the little nephew too new babies are always lovely :)

    Maria xxx

  10. Love the dress, I always spill on white and well everything too. I seriously do wear bibs if needed, I even announce it to my boyfriends horror, "I'M BIBBING IT, BIBBING ACTION IS COMMENCING."

    Born on a shower curtain? Wow, do hospitals full up often in Canada?

    Love the color of the orange stones in the ring too.

  11. i love the polka dots and you have awesome skin lol

  12. argh, how have I not seen your blog before!
    Its Amazing :)
    Rest assured I will be reading your every post now I've discovered you :)


  13. never got to thank you for making me discover Laura Marling! she is so talented, love her to bits! MERCI!
    love from France xoxo

  14. gorgeous dress!! your blog is lovely. xx


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