That Sweet Smelling Blackberry Stone.

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Dress - Topshop
Shoes - River Island
Necklace - Accessorize
Ring - Topshop

I'm back at my parent's house for a weekend so I finally had the chance to get my sister to take some photos. I need to find the bit for my tripod so that I don't always have to rely on her! My outfits have been pretty boring lately as I am working all the time and also I am saving for my trip to Japan in September so there's not much in the way of pretty new clothes. I got this dress from Topshop which is odd for me since I never ever wear white or cream because I always feel like it is see through and everyone can see my bits, because all my underwear is black or not sensible colours and because I spill everything. I need a bib. I like this though, so hopefully it'll last!


So just a quick outfit post tonight! As well as two things I am excited about.

1. I have a little newphew! My brother's wife gave birth to him at the end of June. They live in Canada, so I can't see him until they come home at Christmas but I am admiring him from photos right now. He is their first baby, and was born at home on a shower curtain since the hospitals were all full! His name is Finnegan and he is adorable.

2. Laura Marling has announced the name of her new album and I am very, very excited. So to celebrate, have a song and be excited for A Creature I do not Know. Oh how I love her.

A brief absence.


Hey everyone, just a message to say I am still alive but I've been taking a little break from blogging. I have some stressful things going on and I don't want to blog just for the sake of it when I'm not really motivated. I'll be back soon though. Oh, and I got a spontaneous hair cut. Don't leave, I promise I will be back x

Turning Japanese.

Sakura Sushi Lunch

Time for a bit of my second passion on French for Cupcake now, food! I'm part of a competition over here at So Feminine to write about your favourite food (if you love food as much as I do check out their recipes page, some great stuff) so I went out a few days ago for lunch and thought I'd share the photos.

Sakura Sushi Lunch

Sakura Sushi Lunch Sakura Sushi Lunch

One of my absolute favourite places to eat in Belfast is Sakura, I love Japanese food and they do amazing sushi. And only £1.80 a plate at lunchtime, yum! If you remember I am going back to Japan in September and I'm not going to lie - one of the things I am most excited about is the food. I can't get enough of it! I was a bit apprehensive last time I was there but I'm more adventurous now and can't wait to stuff myself with gyoza dumplings, ramen and sushi. I'm not even a big fish fan, but something about fresh fish with rice and soy sauce does it for me. And if you don't like fish Sakura has loads of sushi made with other meats or veggie options. I had salt and chili squid and Miso soup as well. Both amazing, I've never had better cooked squid anywhere else.

Sakura Sushi Lunch

Sakura Sushi Lunch

Sakura Sushi Lunch Sakura Sushi Lunch

Sticking with the Japanese theme I thought I'd show you some of the photos from my last trip there. Er, my style has changed somewhat since I was 18!

The streets of Harajuku



I can't wait to share my photos from my upcoming trip with you. What's your favourite food? Are you an adventurous eater?

p.s. This post was not sponsored by Sakura in any way, I just really love them! Be sure to check them out on Botanic Avenue if you are in Belfast.