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If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I like to finish off outfit posts by sharing a favourite song. I thought I share a few of my favourites in a dedicated post for a change!

Any time I am on my own I am listening to music. I listen to it as I bake (favourite), if I'm on the bus, walking, fall asleep to it. I'd like to pretend I have amazing taste in music and appear super cool on here but in reality I like some really good, respected artists but I also like a rather significant amount of terrible pop music. I love folk, it's my absolute favourite. My mum's favourite singer has always been Joni Michell and I was raised on her music. I prefer female vocalists, love pianos, finding meaning in obscure lyrics. I also love rap. I can't help it, I'm a bad feminist. It's just not really permissable as a femininst to love some of the music I do but I can'y say no to dancing to Kanye West or Dizzee Rascal. But everyone has their weaknesses, so I thought I'd share a few of mine with you. It'd be great if other bloggers did this too! I love discovering new music.

I'm lucky that my parents were total hippies growing up, and are letting me "supervise" their record collection.


My record player is a Steepletone, they're pretty cheap and a good starter player.

My all time favourite singer: Tori Amos.

. Dream come true. Me and Tori Amos <3

I wish I look as happy as I really was in these photos! But I was shaking and lost the ability to move my lips haha.

This is a no brainer, I have been utterly in love with her since the age of fourteen. Her lyrics are completely amazing and fill my head with all sorts of dream like images. Any time I have been sad or going through anything difficult I have always found peace in her songs. She's also a staunch feminist and a lovely person. I've met her a few times and she's the most sweet, caring and compassionate person you could ever imagine.

The first Tori Amos song I fell in love with. I ripped this video and uploaded it myself, probably the only youtube video I'll have that exceeds 200,000 views hah.

Every single album of Tori's is completely different, if you're new start with Little Earthquakes.

My favourite song: A case of you by Joni Mitchell.

Speaks for itself, what I wouldn't give to see her live just once.


My first concert: Michael Jackson, Dublin 1992.

You are not alone
Still have my ticket!

I still love Michael Jackson as much as I did when I was four. My parents have video upon video of me dancing in my pink mini skirt to his videos, failing miserably at copying the dance moves. Each and every song of his reminds me of my childhood. I was supposed to see him on his This is It tour, I had a ticket. I'll never forget being taken to Dublin when I was four years old with my parents and my brother and sister and seeing Michael in his shiny gold costumes.

Favourite musical family: The Wainwrights.

(Mendocino is also one of the most beautiful towns I have visited). Seriously, listen to this song and try not to become nostalgic.

Rufus makes me think of New York City, I think I only brought his cds with me the first time I visited and they went with me and my little portable cd player everywhere I went.

And I thought I'd throw this one in since it's beautiful, and Snow Patrol are from Northern Ireland.

Me and Martha Wainwright
18 year old me and Martha!

I guess normally this would have been favourite band, but there isn't any band I love as much as I love this family. I've seen Rufus and Martha live numerous times and I was lucky enough to see Kate McGarrigle sing my favourite song of hers with Martha shortly before she passed away. The songs above are my favourites of theirs. I enjoy Loudon Wainwright's music as well but not as much as these three.

And because this could go on for miles, some of my other favourites. Basically, songs that I will never ever fall out of love with.

I listened to this one walking home in the rain once and it forever stuck, can't beat a bit of Feist.

My friend thinks I'm nuts for wanting this as my first dance song at my wedding if I ever get married, whatever! I think it's completely beautiful.

And to finish, a song from a local band that I love. My friend's brother is in this and that's how I found them. They're pretty awesome so give them a listen. Emerald Armada: Make it good.

Tell me, what's music gets you through life?


  1. I love Michael Jackson too. I grew up with his music and will never stop listening to it :)

    I love all sorts of music, even though I'm deaf (I can hear quite a bit with my hearing aids on, like hearing the music and the bass and the voice, without the lyrics, I have to look them up sometimes). My parents brought me up surrounded by music, and it is one of those things I couldn't live without. I feel depressed if I go for long periods without it!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    - Liz

  2. Hi there! First time I leave a comment but I must say that we have really similar tastes in music! Joni Mitchell is my hero, she is such an incredible artist and a true inspiration! I had never heard of Laura Marling but I have to say she is bloody amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, she is brilliant!
    Merci from France!
    ps: I do appreciate the French touch and a bit of Edith is as good as it gets

  3. OMG! you went to see Michael Jackson!! So jealous! Bet that was amazing! I'm going to have to bookmark this page and return to listen to some of the music later when I get home from work. I've got a little collection of single records and we are getting a juke box soon to put them all in! I'm so excited! They just sound so much better than flawless digital copies! x

  4. I can't believe you met Tori Amos multiple times how lucky!! I adore Stevie Nicks too and MJ wow, awesome taste in music!

  5. So many of MY favorites are YOUR favorites too! Fabulous taste in music ;)and some wonderful selections of Canadian music... close to my heart!
    Some of my favs that aren't in the list here are Ani Difranco, The Be Good Tanyas, Damien Rice, The Donnas,Feist & always Dragonette!

  6. oh wow i haven't heard that ryan adams song in so long, and i love simon and garfunkel too ;)

  7. Wpw, what lovely post. A lot of my favourite artists are in there. Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos are a class apart. Also love Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, Florence and the Machine, Laura Marling, ... Well a lot of them. I added them all to my youtube to see list ^^
    On another note, I'm absolutely in love with that record player on the first photo. What brand is it? Is is still available or is my dream that originated only five minutes ago to own one just like it already to be shattered?
    I think this is my first post on your blog, but I've been following for a little while now. Absolutely love it! :)


  8. Jolien, the record player is Steepletone roxy :)

  9. I am going to be listening to all of these songs now! I will always have a soft spot for Bon Jovi and I LOVE Air <3

    Maria xxx

  10. Oh, Wainwrights! I love the whole family, and I'm having to pass up the opportunity to go see Loudon Wainwright in favour of revising for my exams, which is so so sad! I've had all of Rufus Wainwright's albums playing to get me through revision these past few weeks too. Massive love!


  11. on, MJ is my number #1 most played!
    which surprises most people since most of the stuff I listen to is electronic-y or folk-y :) but how can you NOT like MJ?

  12. Joni Mitchell and Rufus Wainwright are two of my all-time favourite performers. Rufus was just phenomenal when I saw him do the Judy Garland concert a few years ago. Good choices!

  13. Love the picture, love your dress, love the tunes and I ADORE your record player! xxx

  14. I've only started listening to Joni over the past couple of years, I can't believe i neglected her for so long. I'm afraid to say that I've never gotten into Tori but I really admire your dedication as a fan!

  15. Ahh, that is crazy you met Martha! I'm envious! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  16. great post and loving the hair colour x

  17. I love Regina Spektor. She's so cool and quirky. And beautiful :)

  18. Such great artist to love and have pics with.

  19. I am LOVING the cherry blossom wallpaper and bedspread, soo cute. Where did you get the duvet cover etc from?

  20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anna and Kate! I grew up listening to them. I cried when I heard the news that Kate had passed away. They were one of the first concerts my mom took me too. She took me and my sister to see them. It was so wonderful! The Swimming song is still one of the best summer songs ever. I danced with my dad at my wedding to a song (daughter) that Lounden. Mom also made sure we had plenty of Joni to listen to and we always were dancing to the Jacksons!

  21. crystal is an amazing song -i never thought about it as a wedding song... great idea!

  22. Tori Amos has been my firm favourite singer since I was four and I starred in my mums friend's Media degree final piece - which was a video of Winter. Her lyrics just touch my heart and I've been known more than once to let out a tear.

    I grew up listening to both Tori and Joni (my mum had great taste!), and they're always my go-to playlists if I need a lift!

    Sara x

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