A month of Instagram: May.

May has been a strange month. I know I have been totally rubbish with outfit posts, the proper one I did was almost a month ago now. Basically between the huge workload I have had this month I have constantly been back and forth to the doctors, the hospital etc. My health has been rubbish and on top of that my life has been completely drama full. I'm getting the last essay before my dissertation done this week though and hopefully then I can rest a bit. I've been given doctors orders to try and de-stress and stop feeling sorry for other people and look after myself for a while instead, which is advice I think I need to take on board now.

I have plenty coming up to look forward to though, including the big move next month to our own flat and then Japan in September! This weekend Ali and I are going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner so I'm sure I'll get dressed up and take photos. I just haven't been going anywhere that exciting so I've been living in jeans and t-shirts. My mum says it's rude not to dress up when you're going to the doctors though?! Is this a generation thing or am I missing something? Who can be bothered to get dolled up to go to the doctors? Anyway, enjoy the photos and I hope I will have a more exciting month coming up for you.

P.S. Hello to my new followers! I am almost at 800. Once I reach 1000 (or should I say IF) I will be having a massive giveaway that I'm really excited about so please follow through google connect and you'll be in with a chance! x

Blubells Still getting used to the hair! Flyers I made today

Making bunting for cupcake campFucking yes

Butterfly hair

And to finish off a song I love, thanks to my little sister for sending me it:


  1. Lovely pictures :D the second and last nailart photos are gorgeous. I really need to get creative with my nails.

    Fiona x

  2. Just followed via Friend Connect! I love the Cherry Blossom nails. Hope you feel better soon and find some time to relax xx

  3. Cool nails!! :) love all the leopard print ones! :) hope you are feeling better soon!



  4. i love all of these photos! :)
    especially the bunny one and your nails! they look amazing could you do a tutorial or something on one of them? :D

  5. Instagram is the best app on the iphone! Lovely pics btw, i esp like the nail art you did!

  6. i am completely blown away by your cookie monster cupcakes ! i wish i had my own stash !


  7. :O Am amazed by the cookie monster cupcakes! The nails are superb too. Great post :)

  8. I couldn't stop laughing when I read the part about dolling up to go to the doctors, I honestly think its an age thing because my mother thinks the same thing but I never doll up, i mean i'm sick & in house clothes. lol great post.


  9. I always love the way you do your nails, the gold leopard print ones are devine! Good luck with moving! You'll have to take lots of pictures, I should imagine your house will be as cute as ever filled with cupcakes and glitter! xo

  10. You do nails better than anyone.

    I always love your instagram posts. They are so much fun to read!!

    <3 L


  11. First of all, I have NEVER heard of people getting dressed up to go see the doctor so I think that's just your Mum's thing haha!! I hope your essay goes well, a few more weeks of hard work and then you can relax which'll be nice =) love the photos of the cookie monster cakes, your nails and the flowers in the first one. I got an iphone last week and have been obsessed with instagram, it's so much fun

    I have a big white telephone telephone on a stretchy key chain that I would like to swap. I'm after a necklace, brooch or cat bagel

  12. adorable pics! all those cupcakes look so GOOD. drool

  13. love all these pictures - your nails look awesome! x

  14. Ar I love instagram. great collection of photos.

    Helen, X


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