This Charming Girl

Hello everyone, sorry it has been a while since I posted. Uni has taken over! Today was spent lazing around in comfortable clothes and doing a lot of reading. This means lazy clothes and no make up (I know I will regret posting photos of me with no make up on). I feel a bit scruffy on days like this but I find adding some pretty jewellery makes it all better. Enter This Charming Girl, a lovely British company selling all kinds of beautiful and whimsical jewellery.



Now, I've said before that I only do promotion for a company I believe in or a company I would buy from so you can trust me when I say that if you are looking to treat yourself this is the place to go. I know that it can get tiresome when blogs are constantly promoting businesses so I make sure when I do that it is a company worth hearing about. I was originally contacted by Rock'n'Rose to do some promo for them, but they then completely ignored my reply and many attempts to get in contact with them via all the social networking channels (bad PR and I can only presume customer service follows), so I went and did some hunting for a company I belived in. If you ask me a business who completely ignore you aren't worth spending money on.



I had been aware of This Charming Girl for some time but this was my first experience with them. My necklace was posted right away and with me the following day. It was beautifully packaged (always a nice touch) and the item is gorgeous. I have a lot of international readers as well, so you'll be glad to hear that they ship worldwide. I would definitely recommend them, I've added a few of my favourite items below.

And here's the best part, 15% off for French for Cupcake readers! Just enter FRENCHFORCUPCAKE at the checkout!

Similar to my much asked about Birdcage necklace that is no longer in production, you can get this one for £10.

Nest egg necklace, following on with the bird theme here! This is next on my wishlist.

I'm Late, I'm Late Brooch. Simply put, I need this.

If anyone wants the necklace I have on, you can find it here.
And now following writing this post I have The Smiths - This Charming Man in my head. Have a listen!

I would go out tonight,
But I haven't got a stitch to wear,
This man said it's gruesome that someone so handsome should care.


  1. Aaahhh, you are the cutest! You look amazing with or without make-up!

  2. Cute...and I love the nail color! I always think of this song when I can't find anything to wear. lol

  3. oo what colour/brand is your nail polish?!

  4. This charming man is my favourite song in the world <3. Also keep meaning to buy from TCG but just forget! Xx

  5. You rock the geek chic!

    I love the smiths - I'm sure I will have this song in my head for about a week now;)

  6. ...God I wish I looked like you without makeup on! I love your nail polish and that jewellery is lovely! The 'I'm Late' brooch is just gorgeous!

  7. I love your blog, just discovered by This Charming Girl's RT :)

    I love cupcakes so your blog is right up my street.

    I also love the colour you have on your nails, I have a similar colour but yours looks slightly different... I wonder if it's the same one?!

    Zoe xoxo

  8. You are as gorgeous as ever and I LOVE your nail varnish! I was given a necklace from TCG as a birthday gift but it broke which I was pretty upset about! There are some lovely things though!

    Maria xxx

  9. So pretty, those accessories are so gorgeous:)

  10. You're so gorgeous! This Charming Girl have some gorgeous pieces, I love having a look around their website! xo

  11. You're so right about the bad customer service and RocknRose. I ordered a necklace for my friend's birthday and a month later it still hadn't arrived, tried emailing them several times and then contacting them through Facebook. My Facebook messages were ignored so I posted directly on their page, my comments were removed every time, until I said my friend was writing a blog about their bad customer service. Straight away they replied and said they had posted a replacement and offered me 10% off my next offer. I haven't used it.

  12. Two rubbish experiences have put me off ordering from rocknrose again. They have nice products but their customer service is rubbish, they use bloggers and are all nicey nice but when it comes to customers who have actually paid for their things they don't give a damn.

  13. OMG! I love that nail polish too! What is it?


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