A month of Instagram: April.

I seem to be doing these posts a lot, this worries me because it shows how fast the year is going and also that I need to work on more substantial posts! I do enjoy them though. It's hard finding time to blog as a full time MA student with 3 jobs (childminding, baking and co-operative victim). (The Co-operative is a UK supermarket). I hope you enjoy them anyway, even if they are really just a bit of filler!

April was another good month, I ate lots of nice food, drank fancy cocktails, went to France, went to Dublin, spent time with lovely people, saw Jessie J live, can't complain really!

Needs a drink Cupcakes for class tomorrow All the lipsticks I found when cleaning out my handbag :/

Molly! This clock...I want it

£3.50 cushion of cuteness ^_^ Pretty teapot :)


I would never disturb a nest, dad found this when clearing out our shed with an abandoned egg in it :(

New keyring :) and only £1.50!

Amazing necklace of joy

First go at floral nails

Nails. Bet these will chip as soon as I get to France.


  1. A great set of photos :) That graffiti on that door, brilliant!
    I love your nails, and also that pikachu iphone background, omg, I MUST HAVE IT!


  2. THREE jobs!? i have none and find myself on the verge of a nervous breakdown at times! x

  3. Send me that pikachu background!
    feel you on the job front :( bahhhhh

  4. Great photos! I love the nails.

    Cute blog. ♥

  5. Great photos as always, love the don't talk over music poster and the kinder surprise egg carton.


  6. These photos are lovely again, that owl graffiti is amazing and I LOVE that dress on you :)

    Maria xxx

  7. Love that cake with all the eggs on and your floral nails look fab x

  8. Love the Pikachu iPhone background! Where is it from?

    I love your Instagram photos, your posts are filled with amazing photos!


  9. I like Desperados, is one of my favourite :). And I love your ring, very nice!

  10. poor egg.. :( but i love marina & the diamonds! and your teacup ring. cute!

  11. Looks like a great month, I love the nails with the flower design. How do you do that? x


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