Illustration by Sarah Kane.

Please excuse me being really dorky in those photos on the right!

Hello all, anyone who has visited the blog tonight may have noticed it has been given quite the makeover. I know I added a lovely header from Rai last week but that was originally ordered for leaflets while my friend who has been ill was finishing off the work for this new design. I just want to point out I haven't changed it because I didn't like Rai's work, I love it to bits and highly recommend her! It was always intended to be temporary!

This is the only photo of mine in this post, all others were taken by Sarah.

My best friend in the world is Sarah Kane, a hugely talented photographer and illustrator. I have done a short feature on her before, when this blog was still relatively small in terms of readership so since that has changed as has the appearance I thought I would do a new post on Sarah's work.

One of my favs that Sarah took of my cupcakes.

In addition to her mad photography skills, Sarah is also an excellent illustrator and did this wonderful blog header for me. Do you recognise any of it from my tattoos?


Sarah is taking commissions for fine art illustrations as well as prints of her originals at the moment, and offers really reasonable rates. She's perfect for designing blog headers, logos, illustrations for a children's room etc, her work makes a wonderful gift as well so if you are interested then you can contact her here. Also be sure to subscribe to Sarah's blog.

P.S. Check out these awesome photos Sarah took of me decorating cupcakes on our Oscars night earlier this year.

P.P.S. Please let me know if you encounter any problems with the new layout, my code writing skills are a bit sketchy!


  1. you look absolutely beautiful in that top photo! love the eye make up! also, those cupcakes look almost too pretty to eat! x

  2. I love the colours! And the header is super cute, particularly the teeny bird!! <3

  3. I LOVE the new header! Its fabulous.

    I also love the photo of using the heart stencil on the cupcake. Its stunning.

    I love to goofy photo of you two together as well - super cute!

  4. Love the new header!

    All these pictures are just stunning! :) I will be sure to check her blog out!


  5. I love your new layout, its so cheery!


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