A month of Instagram: March.

March was a good month. It included drinks with friends, getting trashed in a rather fabulous fashion on St Patrick's day (I am Irish after all), lots of nail polish, cake, cupcake orders keeping me busy, new make up, MAC makeover, doodling in class. days with my niece and reading for class (which oddly, I enjoy). The worst thing was I had to get my little gerbil, Toast, put to sleep. He had a big tumour on his belly and it grew large and I knew it was the kindest thing for him. I loved him to bits and I really miss him a lot. He was a brilliant little character. I still have his brother, Ninja (the black one) who I love too even if he hates being held and is very noisy.

How I spent my evening lol sooo many cupcakes (for orders, not me) I don't think I was paying attention in this class... New dress (from tesco!)


In love with the £1.50 false lashes in natural by E.L.F.

Elf order arrived! :D Tiny umbrella! Molly :)

Oh haaay Inka the great dane Haircut

Wonder woman MAC

Nice lady at MAC did my make up, took 5 goes to find a pale enough foundation >_< At the beach QFT toilets

Jaime loves cupcakes Jaime in the sand Bubba <3

Just finished 40 cupcakes...so tired zzzz

Primark shoes <3 Yeah I'm never getting these toys @alistairjcbrown gave me back from Molly. Library times

Gahhhhh <3 My little niece

My University at night.

My answer (and addition) to the question 'What actor or actress would you like to have drinks with?' at our local cinema.



Current nails

Hot pink and glitterrrrr Leopard nails Polka dot pink

Yerp Better! Tototo nails


  1. I hope you feel better about your gerbil, its always really sad to loose a pet. My guineas pig deborah (the one in my pic) died over christmas and i still miss her heaps.

    love your nail art as well


  2. Its always hard losing a pet, they are part of the family xxx

    Looks like you had a fun month! I'm hoping April will be more positive for me :)

    - Liz


  3. I'm sorry to hear about your gerbil passing away! It's so hard to lose a pet. :(

    I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR NAILS!! Ahhh!! Please do mine like that! I did a reverse french mani...not as nice as yours looked last post. Also do you do all that free-handed?

  4. what kind of pet is that?

  5. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    The photos look great and as for those cupcakes! One word;


    X x

  6. Gorgeous photos!

    I'm sorry to hear about Toast. I have three gerbils so I know what little characters they can be. You did the best thing for him x

  7. I don't think I could love the last picture of your nails any more than I do! Haha sorry to hear about Toast - Toast and Ninja are excellent names though. :D


  8. I'm so sorry about your gerbil, it's so difficult, even when you know it is for the best. On a more cheerful note I loved all these photos - your nail art is fantastic, it is totally inspiring me to stop biting my nails!


    ps - that mini egg is pure win :)

  9. Lovely post, so inspring, your nails are so cool! Sorry about your gerbil, hope you're not too down about it as you said sometimes it's the kindest thing xxx

  10. False lashes! Leopard nails! Why have I only just discovered your blog?!

  11. Your nails are AMAZING :D

    Maria xxx

  12. I'm loving all of those designs!! What a cute pet!


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