But as the tide retreats, it's showing me the shore.


I am in love with this dress, I cannot believe it is from Tesco - and was only £18! Definitely excited for flowery dresses in Spring now! New bag as well, just got it a few days ago.

Dress - Tesco
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Office
Bag - Topshop

Outfit 26/3/11.

Necklace - Topshop

Outfit 26/3/11. Outfit 26/3/11.
Rings - Topshop, Accessorize

I got this card today from my good friend Vanina of Sound Turned Low. It really cheered me up, I can't wait to plant the seeds.

Outfit 26/3/11.

Outfit 26/3/11.

Outfit 26/3/11.

And as usual for fun here is a song that's been constantly on my playlist lately:

Don't lose it all in the blur of the stars.

Another outfit post for you today! I wore this to meet a friend for some lemon tea at one of my favorite cafés in Belfast, Clements.

Clements coffee colours

I then went to our lovely new library and spent hours finding books for an essay I am writing on films about the holocaust, and managed to drop all of the 8 hardbacks I was carrying around on the stone floor while it was very quiet and everybody looked at me. Ooops.

CS Lewis reading room.

I love our library, it has a room in it called the C.S.Lewis reading room, with a replica of the wardrobe door from the Narnia film to honour C.S.Lewis who is from here.

Outfit 16/3/10. Outfit 16/3/10.

Dress- A-wear
Cardigan - Primark
Belt - New Look
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark

Outfit 16/3/10.

Outfit 16/3/10.

Outfit 16/3/10.

Necklace - Matalan sale.

Outfit 16/3/10.

Ring - Topshop sale.

Outfit 16/3/10.

Outfit 16/3/10.

Nails (I clearly need a better topcoat!) all models own.

Oh and yes, I got a haircut. A rather spontaneous decision but I really love it. And of course because I always like to share part of my playlist with you, here is one of my favorites. Jessie J, she's from London and is just generally AWESOME and I will possibly have an exciting little feature coming up on her next month. Girls got lungs.

Right lovelies, thanks for reading. I'm off now to bake some St Patrick's day themed cupcakes for an order! Just another reminder that there are loads of new goodies in my blog shop.

Outfit 16/3/10.

Molly is perhaps as much of a poser as I am.

French for Cupcake shop

Hello, just to let you know I have new items available in the following sections of my shop and reduced prices for older items:

Please remember all prices INCLUDE UK SHIPPING and to EMAIL ME at frenchforcupcake@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to enquire or buy :)

A few bits and pieces

Moo cards.

IMG_4415 [1600x1200]

IMG_4423 [1600x1200]

1.My Moo cards arrived, I love them. You'd be surprised just how useful these little cards are for bloggers. Moo are a bit slow in printing and dispatch, so it's usually a week and a half - two weeks after ordering that they turn up but I do like them a lot.

IMG_4435 [1600x1200]

Little magpie shelters from the rain

2. It's a horrid day here in Belfast, we are on a weather warning for flooding again. My day has consisted of staying in from the rain and getting some work done, and watching the little magpie sheltering from the rain outside my window.

Tying the fortunes

3. I am sure you all have heard about the devastating earthquake in Japan. I visited Japan in 2007 and it is a country very close to my heart. Please do every thing you can to help, you can donate here on the red cross website.

Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest...

I know it has been FOREVER since I did an outfit post. I have been really sick for the last two weeks and haven't felt like getting dressed up at all. I swear I have been living in my pjs constantly. So lately all I have been doing is working on MA things and sleeping, I've decided not to apply for a PhD this year and instead am going to spend the time once I have finished my MA thinking about a project I really want to spend three years studying and looking at different universities that offer funding. I recieved a lot of encouragement from my tutor though and she said she would be more than willing to be my supervisor, and I also got a lovely email from a feminist scholar who had given me some advice for my BA research and loved my final piece, so I am content that it'll all be right when the time comes.

This summer will be a big change for me, moving into our own flat and working full time (hopefully!). I am excited though, I have spent the last 6 years straight sitting important exams and writing coursework so I am looking forward to having time to do my own research and reading again and to come up with a topic within feminism and film that I am really passionate about. In the meantime I have my MA dissertation on sexual violence against women in cinema, with particular focus on the films of Lars von Trier, to concentrate on. It's a heavy one, wish me luck with it!

Here's a quick outfit for today. I finally have a day off so I'm tidying and catching up on readings and tonight I am going to Lakeland to spend the vouchers I won for these cupcakes.

. .

Dress - A-wear
Cardigan - M&S
Shoes - River Island
Necklace - Topshop
Hair bows - Dorothy perkins
Bag - Primark


I've been so lazy with my hair whilst I have been sick, dry shampoo + hairpins = done.

. .


I need to wear better tights...

And for what has been constantly on my playlist lately, some Florence and the Machine. I absolutely adore her, please come back to Belfast Florence!

Everything is better with glitter...

My bestie and I got a bit carried away with the edible glitter during our Oscar all nighter.




A month of Instagram: February.

I can't believe it's been a month since I last did this and there have been hardly any posts in between. I am a bad blogger. To be fair I am DYING (yes, dying) of the cold (can you tell I hate being sick?) and thus am refusing to go outside and take outfit photos when my bed is much warmer. Oh, I also have joined tumblr and discovered that it is very distracting.

I'll be back soon though, in the meantime here are my Instagram photos from the last month.

Messy plaits 9613ec73706b4cd8be1aa9a743a51746_7 Inka I think Jaime is still sleepy... Put some bunting up Jaime and I got ringpops :)

Yay for parcels! :)

Lemon cupcakes all iced :) Lovely necklace from @amilliondresses thanks Sarah! :D Full moon Oh, dad Primark bits New top/almost dress thing

Pretty things

Got my hair done by lovely Claire of Vintage rocks! Love it! Yum! Sunrise Kitty yawn I love my little birdy My life lately
Vanilla cupcakes

Sarah :) Eee so cute Can't choose a colour... Shy My free baby toy arrived haha

Must dull the pain of a Sunday shift somehow

Double chocolate brownies Aww these arrived today from my boy :) Sarah and I are doing nails and eating cupcakes while watching the oscars :) Glittery milkshake! I have big hurr

Nutella and fruit nom

Yay moocards arrived

Went for a mix

Nails - top turquoise Ma nailzzz Polka pastel nails Blerp

P.S. someone commented asking how I made the template for this, I didn't, it's just a mixture of the set photo sizes on flickr. Sorry I can't help!
P.P.S. The little cutie in the photos is my niece, Jaime.