A month of Instagram: February.

I can't believe it's been a month since I last did this and there have been hardly any posts in between. I am a bad blogger. To be fair I am DYING (yes, dying) of the cold (can you tell I hate being sick?) and thus am refusing to go outside and take outfit photos when my bed is much warmer. Oh, I also have joined tumblr and discovered that it is very distracting.

I'll be back soon though, in the meantime here are my Instagram photos from the last month.

Messy plaits 9613ec73706b4cd8be1aa9a743a51746_7 Inka I think Jaime is still sleepy... Put some bunting up Jaime and I got ringpops :)

Yay for parcels! :)

Lemon cupcakes all iced :) Lovely necklace from @amilliondresses thanks Sarah! :D Full moon Oh, dad Primark bits New top/almost dress thing

Pretty things

Got my hair done by lovely Claire of Vintage rocks! Love it! Yum! Sunrise Kitty yawn I love my little birdy My life lately
Vanilla cupcakes

Sarah :) Eee so cute Can't choose a colour... Shy My free baby toy arrived haha

Must dull the pain of a Sunday shift somehow

Double chocolate brownies Aww these arrived today from my boy :) Sarah and I are doing nails and eating cupcakes while watching the oscars :) Glittery milkshake! I have big hurr

Nutella and fruit nom

Yay moocards arrived

Went for a mix

Nails - top turquoise Ma nailzzz Polka pastel nails Blerp

P.S. someone commented asking how I made the template for this, I didn't, it's just a mixture of the set photo sizes on flickr. Sorry I can't help!
P.P.S. The little cutie in the photos is my niece, Jaime.


  1. This post has made me hungry! Love the Citizen Kane poster in your bedroom, I adore film posters, they dominate the walls in our house!

    Loveaudrey xxx

  2. Love it! Love all the food photos! Your nails are awesome! X

  3. You've got absolutely wonderful fingernails!

  4. Oh the nail photos <3 I've died and gone to pretty-nails heaven! x

  5. Your niece is adorable! Brill photos!

    What's your user? Mine is Meowcake!


  6. Awesome post, love all the fab pics! Great fingernails too btw! And yum cupcakes :P~

  7. These are such lovely photographs :)

  8. Ok, 1, the picture of the cat at the window? HILARE. And 2, your niece is GORGEOUS.

  9. your photos have so many yummy things in them!!


  10. Your dress has such pretty sleeves!
    Looks like a lovely month xx

  11. Aww such pretty pictures :)

  12. Great photos! I love the heart necklace with the rainbow on it!

    I agree that Tumblr is seriously addictive! I only have 14 followers on mine and I think it's been that way for months XD


  13. i love all these photos, your nails are amazing! i need to get myself a models own nail pen soon i think for the polka dot effect.

  14. Your nails are fab! :D Your niece is an absolute cutie too :)

    Maria xxx

  15. Do I spot Dairy Milk mint crisp?! It's my absoloute favourite and I didn't realise they'd brought it back...definitely going on a chocolate search now :) xxx

  16. You are beyond adorable, i love everything about this post (: xxx

  17. magnifique comme univers ;O)

  18. Your nails are just incredible! You most post tutorials!! Do you use nail art pens?

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls


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