Dreaming of summer...

I don't know about everyone else but I am completely FED UP of winter. I love winter clothes but I hate the cold and the short days. It was -12 here on Christmas night! I'm fed up having to wear so many layers to go outside and not being able to wear nice shoes because of the snow. I was looking over old photos from the summer just passed and wishing it would hurry up and come again. How about you? Are you as fed up as I am? I miss these things:


Ice cream in Montmartre.

Eating pear sorbet outside a café in Paris and choosing ice cream in Montmartre.

Camden Town.

Camden Town.

Hours spent wandering around Camden Town in London.


Having picnics in the Botanical gardens with my best friend.

Cosmopolitan <3

Drinking fruity cocktails instead of hot chocolate and mulled wine.

140/365 | Enjoying the sun.

Pretty shoes instead of boots.

Boulanger Patissier

Evening walks through sleepy French villages.

View of Paris from the Sacré-Coeur.

Being able to go outside without 5 layers on! Summer 2011? BRING IT ON!


  1. I live in the land of perpetual summer and humidity and i wish that there would be a bit of cold sometimes so that I get to layer! Sometimes it gets so warm that we can't even layer and you want to just live in your lingerie!

  2. I know what you mean, the snow in Wales has been awful and I've been wearing my ugly walking boots for a few weeks now. I would love to go out just wearing pumps and ONE cardigan!

  3. Oh god I know! I can't wait to go out in just a tee shirt again. Your photos of france are making me pine for it. I can't wait for 2011! x

  4. i know exactly what you're feeling! I've bought summer shoes today in the sales waiting for the summer to hurry up! x

  5. Your pictures are lovely, I almost remember what blue sky looks like! :)
    I know how you feel about the winter, I feel like it never gets light at the moment

  6. These images are spectacular! The ice cream one had me drooling! :) It reminds me of an ice cream shop we visited in Venice. Ah, sweet memories.

  7. Ugh, it's only December, and we're set to have a terrible winter here in Toronto. I feel your pain - my favourite time of year is the lead-up to Christmas, but as soon as it passes I'm ready to skip to April (my birthday). Out with the slush, in with the flowers, please!

  8. I love cold weather clothing, but I do not like the lack of sunlight, days below 20 degrees F, cold wet feet, scraping ice off the wind screen of my car.

    Summer and ice cream go hand in hand.

  9. Oh my LORD those icecreams look delicious! I for one think there's something rather novel about slurping a sorbet in the bleak mid-winter though, don't wait until summer! Loving the blog - mine's a foodie-fashionista combo too -


  10. I'm a spring-autumn kind of person myself, but I guess this has to do with the fact that where I live summers have temperatures between 35º-45º and being just a little stylish in such conditions is nearly impossible. And blisters! oh my...

  11. Oh, I was quite enjoying winter until I saw this! Like Mary Lou above me, I love the in between seasons - spring when things are getting green again and a trench and pumps will suffice; then autumn when the leaves are golden and leather boots are pulled from their hiding place.

    I must admit though - the ice creams have me longing for clear blue skies and bare arms! x

  12. It's the first time I read your blog, and I adore it! I'll follow you ... and Happy New Year!


  13. I love to eat cakes.I like winters although we have small days but I enjoy the time.I like your post.Pictures psted are very clear and want to know more details.


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