Nail polish eye candy.

My leopard print nails.

Yeah, I have a bit of an obsession with nail polish. I used to bite my nails as a child, so maybe I'm just making up for that but I can't get enough of it. I've got really into nail art lately as well, becoming an avid follower of WAH nails and this tumblr. It was the lovely Selina of Flying Saucer that got me into nail art, thanks Selina!


My favorite nail polish is by Models Own, they have such a wide range of colours and the staying power on them tends to be pretty good. I am building quite the collection.

IMG_0282 IMG_0262


I was really excited about the WAH nails/models own collaboration. Usually for any nail art I did before I used liquid eyeliner but these pens are much more durable. The only problem for me is that once you remove the pin to start painting the polish doesn't stop coming out of the tube and you keep having to rub it off which seems like an awful waste to me. Also the pin is really hard to replace, maybe it's just my shaky hands but it takes me forever. I don't know if I'd bother buying the black one again since I am happy to use my eyeliner which stays on fine wit a clear coat over it, but when they release new colours I will definitely give them a try! That's where my eyeliner trick doesn't work so well.



I actually really love the rest of the models own make up, the lip stick and lipgloss in particular. I ordered their plum lipstick recently though and it looks nothing like it does on the website so I may email them about it! Other than that I have had no problems with their make up at all, their false eyelashes are great as well. I hope they do a Christmas sale, because I definitely have a new addiction.

Another brand I love is Barry M. I used to buy their nail polishes more but they're always out of stock of the ones I want in the Belfast Boots stores now (I still haven't managed to get hold of the nail effects polish after 3 trips to 2 different stores!). Their polishes are a little cheaper than Models Own, but generally need more coats to build up colour (especially in the pastel shades). I still think that Barry M however is a wonderful brand and it's completely affordable and offers a great range of colours and products.



My latest obsession is matt nail polish. I have been using this Topshop one whic I really like but it tends to peel off easily, so I might try another brand. I am a big fan of Topshop make up though, I totally love it. Especially the eye and lip products. The nail polish is £5 which is the same as Models Own but in Boots and online they are always 3 for 2 so more affordable, and maybe I am cheap but £5 is more than I like to pay for nail polish unless it's a really unique colour.


And just to add, this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share some of my favorite things with you all. If you have any recommendations for other good polishes or fun nail art blogs please let me know!


  1. I could have almost written this entire blog post! I bit my nails up until April of this year and then suddenly just stopped and since then my nail varnish collection has just grown and grown. I love Models Own (I feel like I should be an ambassador or something because of the amount of praise I give them on my blog!!) and have just got one of their nail art pens AND HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM?! I thought it was just me but it just keeps coming out of the top and makes it really difficult and blobby.
    Anyway sorry, I'll stop rambling now! Love your leopard print though, the gold and black look awesome together :)


  2. I love your blog
    I follow you on lookbook also
    You're so cool!!

  3. the models own bottles look absolutely beautiful!

    haha, i'm such a nerd, this made the 11-year-old hippie wannabe inside me scoff: that's a mercedes-benz-logo, not a peace sign!

  4. I am def going to copy your leopard nails (with the gold - i do leopard nails but i've never thought to use gold as the "main" colour!)

    The brand I use most is Nails Inc! Followed by Barry M. xx

  5. Haha, I was just reading Selina's post on her nails too. I'm going to have to live through you guys nail art adventures because I don't have the patience to do them myself!

    I love the unusual range of Barry M colours you have, also the golds and glitters of models own look pretty awesome. How much are they a bottle? Might treat myself x

  6. Great post! Back in high school and college, I used to bite my nails all the time, and now that I've stopped, I *love* painting my nails. I'm all about glitter nail polish these days. OPI just released a range inspired by the movie "Burlesque," and I'm excited to try a few of them out!

  7. wow you have a nice collection there! i'm not very inventive when doing my own nails but this looks amazing! x

  8. I tend to use 17 nail polish. It's not all that great but it's 3 for £10 so very affordable! c:

  9. I definitely need to start trying this style of nails. Everybody seems to be into the pattern look now. Leopard print is my favourite however, nicely done x

  10. I love Barry M. Although there are definitely better polishes out there, they're not expensive and they're so easy to find in Boots that they always end up as winners for me.


  11. I also am a Barry M fan but tend to find that despite my best efforts their polishes don't tend to have much staying power if I'm putting a block colour on my nails and they chip (despite protective base and top coats). I'm also trying to get good at nail art, we both have leopard print nails down to a tee! xxx

  12. I'm pretty obsessed with nail vanishes as well. I think I have over 40! I have always bitten my nails up until about 4 months ago because I just kept painting my nails nice colours which made me stop. Now I never have unpainted nails which is probably bad for them but if I don't have them painted, I know I will start again. I was just wondering, what are the 2 Models Own colours on the far left called? I love them :) xx

  13. They look really great, I wish I could do things like this with my nails, they pretty much stay red all the time.


  14. wow look at all thosse colours! x

  15. Aaah, a fellow nail varnish obsessive! Models Own and Barry M are two of my favourite brands - I also love Nails Inc although I find the staying power isn't as good as the first two.

    Rimmel's Matte Effect top coat is really, really good - it gives great matte coverage but also prolonges the life of polish too. Matte Effect combined with Barry M lasted a full week without chips! x

  16. Love your leopard nails so cute! I might have to try to get a hold of this line and give them a try!
    Stiletto Siren

  17. your nails look so good! i want to learn to do this!

  18. Fantastic collection of nail polishes claire! I am mighty jealous! x

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  20. You are now my new favourite blogger! It's great to think I have blogger that lives in Belfast like me. You have a HUGE nail polish collection, I'm so jealous

  21. I stopped biting my nails around 6 months ago (though I still have one nail I tend to bite). I now love nail art! Nail art was my incentive to stop! I wish Models Own was available in Australia, there colours look amazing!

  22. Im trying to build up a collection of models own too! I much prefer them to my barry m's.

    I got the white nail pen, Im desperate for the black but will have to wait until the pennies come in!

  23. I'm hesistant about paying £5 for polishes as well considering Barry M is about 3quid a bottle. However I really want to try Models Own out. Those glitters look so pretty.

  24. Ooh, gorgeous leopard print nails. I've got such an obsession with that print, ha. Ooh, lovely collection you've got there. Gotta love a bit of Disco Mix. The nail pen packaging is really good. Looks like you're rather fond of nail varnish! I haven't broadened my nail horizons enough I don't think. I shall have to do so.


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