How was your Halloween?


Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of posts lately. My Masters course is taking over my life and pair that with the dark evenings restricting when I can take photos and my blogging is suffering. I have a bit of a day off tomorrow though so expect a new post and the winner of the giveaway (finally).



How was your Halloween? Mine was very dull as I had to work and then I had an assignment due on November 1st so I didn't get to dress up or go out. I did (and still do) have Halloween themed nails though. I used Barry M polish for this.

So I WILL be back tomorrow with a new post. Until then! x


  1. I feel so guilty! I have so much work to do and I just piss about online, bahhhh.

    I like the special effects. And the nails!!! How'd you do them?

  2. Você é linda parabéns adoro o seu blog

  3. Dont even worry grrl! My a$$ wasin bed by 10! As long as you have your hot nails ;)

  4. Oh wow, love the eyes! You really suit them!

  5. I had an assignment due on the 1st too and a 9am lecture, it's so selfish! :P
    Your nails looks great, I love the sparkly blood. x

  6. Love those nails, the sparkly red blood is a great touch!

  7. cute nails, I try and do something nice with mine and it always looks a right mess!

  8. I didn't really do anything for Halloween. I love your nails! Very cute.

  9. Wow, your nails are INCREDIBLE, lady.


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