Preparing for autumn...

I know I spend every season wishing it was the next one but I really can't wait for autumn. I absolutely dread winter, and as much as I love summer and long, bright evenings I hate dressing for it. I hate summer clothes. I love tights, boots, layers, scarves. Bring it on. I'm already dressing in more muted tones in preparation. To be honest we have just had the dullest July on record and summer is pretty much over anyway.


IMG_1261 IMG_1294

Dress - Topshop
Scarf - Topshop
Jacket - Dunnes
Tights - Accessorize
Bag - ASOS
Necklace - Accesorize
Rings - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop


I love these flats. I had wanted them for ages but thought they were sold out then last week I found them in my size down from £28 to £15 and they scanned through at £7. I got student discount so they cost me a grand total of £6.30, real leather too!



Surprisingly most of this outfit is from Topshop. I love it but resent paying so much for things that aren't worth the quality. I bought an amazing wolf head ring from there recently and the whole wolf fell off somewhere and now I'm just left with a bronze band that turns my finger green.

I was really glad to find this dress in store. Coming across size 16s is a rarity there! That reminds me, I was in Primark a few days ago when a woman looking at pajamas remarked "These are all 16-18! Doesn't any care about skinny people?!" followed by some vulgarity I won't repeat here. It made me look because this woman was clearly at least a size 14-16. Ah well, you can't please everyone!

Lastly, I made cupcakes for a party last night, glitter everywhere!




  1. i don't know why bronze turns your skin green because the same thing happens with my bronze bracelets. also, i love the glitter cupcakes!

  2. You have the most amazing jewellery collection ever!

  3. Cute cupcake and amazing bird ring. Love your outfit x

  4. Lovely outfit. Your bright hair is looking pretty awesome aswell!
    Kyrie x

  5. I really like the rings & the cupcake looks delish!

  6. Love this outfit! And yes, 16's in Topshop is so rare! I hardly buy things from there anymore though! x

  7. ohh i have nearly an identical bag but mines from topshop not asos. i seriously cannot wait for autumn!

    lois x

  8. Such a nice outfit, love the tights & bag in particular. I'm also willing autumn on, if you ignore the rain it's definetly my favourite season :) xXx

  9. Funny, I just bought the same satchel this morning thinking of autumn and back to Uni :)

  10. This is such a cute outfit. I've been dressing more and more fall-like too. I can't wait!

  11. The bird ring and shoes are adorable. I always love all your bird accessories!

    Summer's been practically non-existant this year. I'm of a similar opinion to you actually, I hate dressing for summer, so even though the weather's not been nice, it's been ideal for my style!


  12. really cute outfit! love the details, and the accessories. :D

  13. I adore this outfit! I can't wait for the autumn either, as much as I like the summer I am just so bad at dressing properly! hehe x

  14. I love your blog! You look just gorgeous and your outfits are always so inspirational! :)

  15. I only ever buy jewelry in Topshop when its on sale, same goes for the clothes most of the time because most of the time they're not worth the cost.

    Awwww don't say the summers over nooo! Autumn is my favourite season though. minus the rain.

  16. Autumn is my favourite season too, it's cold enough to wear tights and scarves etc but you can still get away without wearing full-on snow gear!
    This outfit is lovely, I love all your bird themed jewellery!

  17. Oh god, you've possibly made my perfect cupcake, just based on looks alone! Haha. Love your outfit, btw. Autumn is my favourite season too!

  18. I love fashion in winter - but most days where I live it's 30C at the moment. So I can't wear any of my tights or scarves or cardies - boo:(

  19. Those accessories are to die for.

    Alyse Tea Rose

  20. You are so adorable! I really like what you've done with your hair, and the jewelry of course.

    I hate summer clothes too. Nothing about summer collections appeals to me. The colors are all made to compliment uber-tanned skin tones and the weight of cotton shirts, for example, are always so flimsy.

  21. I discovered your blog new. Your hair color is beautiful and this outfit is cute.

  22. i love your whole outfit..but those tights are amazing. you look beautiful!! xoxo

  23. love your shoes.

    im now following you, follow me back @

  24. yes you always have to most beautiful rings! ENVYYY!

  25. Firstly, I love your hair. Secondly, I agree with the above, you are one of my favourite bloggers when it comes to covetable jewellery! Looking lovely missy!


  26. Can you actually eat the glitter :]?!


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