Photography by Sarah Kane.

My best friend is a wonderfully talented photographer. She recently uploaded photos from our trip to Paris so I thought it would be a good time to give her a little appreciation. As a best friend I may well easily be biased but all it takes is one look at her flickr or website to see the amount of talent she has. If you love crisp, interesting and often ridiculously cute (see: Moses, her charismatic kitty) check her out. If I ever get married she is definitely being hired as my photographer. If you're getting married you should hire her as yours. Shameless promotion here, she is amazing. Sarah took my graduation photos for me as well and it's lovely to have these stunners instead of the generic fake books background shots you see all the time.

Sarah and I are soon embarking on a joint project involving pin ups and zombies so it's clearly going to be awesome. I can't wait to share it with you all.

You can check Sarah out on her blog, her website and her flickr.

You can see some of her lovely shots of our trip here and here. She is good at documenting my deep love for candy floss, or cotton candy as it's called in the States.


  1. This post made my day/week.
    Thank you so much - you have cheered me up immensely and, well, what can I say? I do love a bit of promotion! Though I am coming to an end of the wedding days and focusing on the art/journalism/fashion side of things, exhibiting and such, I'll always still be open to people interested in booking me for anything. If the event is right, I'll do it! Your wedding - well, obviously.....although I do plan to party it up at the reception! ;p

    Really, this is wonderful. You are the best best-friend a girl could wish for! x

  2. Great pics esp the candy floss one, love it x

  3. Lovely photos, so crisp and clean looking.


  4. Nice photos, I especially like the tiny bite ^^;;

  5. Wow! She is a very talented photographer!

    Also - can't wait to learn more about the pin-up and zombie project. Two of my most favourite things in the world!

  6. Those are some very beautiful photos indeed xoxo

  7. Stunning, she is very talented! x

  8. Your friend is very talented, I love her photos of Moses, he looks so much like my cat (but I could never take pictures of him as great as she does!)
    I want some of that candy-floss!
    Kyrie x

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  10. You look fab in your graduation gown! Your red hair is stunning. x

  11. you know what's interesting... she's got the same name as the English playwright Sarah Kane.
    i like that...

  12. Wow, she has such an eye! I'd love to know which camera she uses (Ps, love the dress in the previous post, you cutie!)

    jazzy ♥


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